Yugo Genfir
Yugo Genfir
Played By
Birthdate December 24, 1989
Age 17
Birthplace New York, New York
Alignment Chaotic Good
Affiliation Morlocks
Short Powers Psyche Alteration
Offsite Logs LJ

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He's green! Very, very green. Like a gecko, or maybe some kind of frog… though his despite the coloration, his skin seems to have held its mammalian properties just fine. A couple inches shy of six feet tall, and a little skinny. Long, dark brown hair hangs in a shaggy mop about his face, obscuring it somewhat and making him look like something of a hippy - two red eyes peer out from in between, shielded behind a pair of wire rimmed glasses that rest on the teen's slightly sharp, straight nose. His chin is strong and determined, teeth straight as if from braces but somewhat ill cared for. Most of the time it looks like he could use a shave.
For clothes, he completes the 'throwback to the 60's' look with a a tie-dyed short sleeve t-shirt, with a necklace composed of wooden beads hanging around his neck. Very baggy, raggedy pants hang around his legs, with a pair of leather sandles protecting his feet. Over that he generally wears a zip-up hooded sweatshirt - left open most of the time, closed up when he gets cold or needs to hide himself. Tight black leather gloves cover his hands at all times, and he's reluctant to take them off in the presence of others.


Skin to skin contact with Yugo is like getting high on LSD, which is a hallucinogenic, mind altering substance. Its effects can include distorting of colors, blurring and distorting of shapes, sounds, scents, touch, and the victim's sense of time and motion. Depending on the concentration of the chemicals at the time of touch, these can be anywhere from minor (perhaps inverted colors) or major (full blown hallucination; they could believe they're somewhere else, see things or people that do not exist, or not be able to see, smell, taste, touch, or hear things that ARE there.). It's extremely hard to do something like driving a car while in this state, let alone fight, in general.

The time that someone is under the influence of Yugo's chemicals, and the intensity and type of their high, are dependent on several factors. Depending on Yugo's mood (whether he's happy or angry), the effected will have either a positive experience (known as a 'trip') or a negative one (known as a 'bad trip.'). The intensity of his emotions effects the concentration of the chemicals in his body - the more emotional he gets, the more there are. The amount of surface area and length of the contact are the other two main factors in determining the effects. Poking him with a fingertip would give some indication of just what he can do - a handshake would be like a full-on trip. Prolonged or extensive contact can cause an overdose that will knock a full grown man out eventually; doing this while Yugo's in an unstable emotional state could cause permanent brain damage or even death. Exchanging bodily fluids, as gross as it sounds, would end with similar results.

The chemicals that course through Yugo's body have a drastic effect on how he sees the world around him and reacts to it. He's always a little bit high - sometimes he sees things that aren't there. The more emotional he gets, the higher he goes, and even he's not totally immune to his own chemicals. If he gets too upset or excited, he will begin to have hallucinations and even black out from the strain. In general these are not /good/ hallucinations; they're vivid flashbacks to parts of his life he'd rather not relive, or just nightmares.


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