Yamanaka Industries

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Yamanaka Industries stands out amongst the shorter buildings surrounding it. 8 stories of white, steel, and glass. It is, relatively, a newer building, looking like it was crafted some time in the early 80s, the entire building having a rather industrial look.
The inside is more modern, having, apparently, been remodeled at some point. In the large, open lobby, there's many more elegant touches. Along the left and right walls are long, shallow pools, complete with koi fish, the water circulated by artifical and recycled waterfalls. Against the wall opposite the door is a large sign, reminding anyone who somehow forgot the name of the company, bookended on either side by asian prints. The reception desk is a big, heavy dark wood, featuring clean lines, often attended by a bored looking girl in her early 20s, Japanese in appearance, but a product of a local upbringing.
Past this desk, on either side, are elevator alcoves, accompanied with signs, explaining the breakup of the building. The first floor is the lobby, but also the mail room, most likely through the large double doors marked "Employees Only." Above that is a few floors of Bioengineering, followed by a floor each of Accounting, Human Resources, Management, and then the top two floors are marked 'Executive.' The basement, it seems, is R&D. The sign is rather new, from appearances.
Visible through glass doors is a small, open air courtyard.

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