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In stark contrast to the floor below, the reddish brown wood of the floor looks far from soothing, warming, inviting. It is obvious in certain parts that the floor has had to be patched up numerous times, also apparent from the slightly newer bit of plaster to the right of the elevator door. A large window opposite of the elevator allows for an excellent view of the front yard of the institute as well as provide the center hallway with much needed natural sunlight, livening up the feel of the area. Two hallways extend from this, each side a mirror of the other, complete with large windows on the very end and obligatory tables with flower vases.

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Armande's Room The room you stand in is quite rich and opulent. A king-sized floating waterbed hangs in the center of the room with black and white checkered silk sheets and silk down comforter heaped upon it. The edge of the bed is bordered by heavy cylindrical jean pillows. The room's slate flooring is covered in two feet of thick fog that makes the floor all but impossible to see. A hammock chair hangs in one corner of the room in back of a very expensive looking walnut desk that honestly looks like a work of art. On the walls are movie posters and pro-World War II campaign posters as well as large blown up photos of many celebrities from the 1930s on such as presidents, Hollywood stars, dignitaries, royalty, and the well-to-do. Hanging from the ceiling all over the room are pool table chandeliers baring the logos of various beers and gentlmen's magazines. Displayed quite prominently on one of the walls and framed in a large oak frame is a picture of Marilyn Monroe with her natural brown curly hair wearing an army jumpsuit, holding on to a young GI's shoulder and leaning into him, looking up at him smiling fondly. The army officer in turn is smirking at the camera and has his arm wrapped lazily around her waist. The room could be likened unto the controlled chaos of a very vintage Hawaiian shirt. armande
Asher's Room Asher’s room retains the natural elegance that goes along with the rest of the wing of the school. His bed, kept neatly made, is set under the window. At the foot of, and partially tucked under the bed are a set of dumbbells and small home fitness equipment. Opposite that, against the wall, is a tall bookshelf filled mostly with text and non-fiction titles. A small table also occupies the room with two comfortably upholstered chairs and a chess set laid out in ready-to-play mode. There is a desk, also kept neat on the top, it’s two drawers are shut and locked. The walls have nicely framed photos. A wide one is a beautiful shot of the ocean’s waves at sunset. Another room decoration is a well-worn but also well cared for surf board mounted to the wall. ash
Beast's Room This room isn't the most meticulous you'll find in the Mansion; most prevalent is a row of bookshelves along the wall to the right, making for a modest collection of such works by Proust, Machiavelli, and Curie, to name a few. A wide window opposite the door is framed with a pair of heavy navy curtains; when drawn back, it provides a fine view of the front yard. A large mahogany four-poster lays against the wall to the left, covers folded back but rumpled, as if made in haste. Beside the bed is a nightstand with a simple black lamp, blue shade slightly skewed. An oaken desk sits in front of the window, strewn with papers and notes. beast
Bobby's Room XXX bobby
Christopher's Room Christopher's room is very neat and organized, with bits of décor here and there. Everything appears to have its place. There is no definite colour scheme here, as he changes the colour of his room every week or so. In one corner a sewing machine sits on a desk with a chest of a variety of fabrics next to it. Quite a few pictures in frames cover the room, a few of family but mostly of a younger looking Christopher with an older gentleman, there must be at least 15 pictures of the two of them around the room, and from some of the pictures it looks as though a boyfriend. christopher
Emma's Room The room is large, spaceous, brightly lit with large windows, and most of all - organized. There's wooden flooring with a cream colored area rug in the middle of the room. Various paintings (mostly modern and impressionist) adorn the white walls. The rest of the room has a modern yet comfortable motif to it. A large, full sized bed stands with its white wooden headboard against one of the farther walls, A small metal desk/vanity with various papers and cosmetics rests against another wall with a large mirror hovering over it. And there is a white wooden dresser against another wall. emma
Ender's Room Cluttered from head to toe, Ender's room is what one might expect a teenage boy's room to look like rather than a grown man's. There is no décor consistency.. no color blending or general /look/.. Despite its disorder, however, Ender's room is kept /aggressively/ clean. Err.. just not organizationally so much as.. hygienically. His Queen sized bed rests at the far end of the room set to one side of the large window that makes up a good portion of that wall. Standing like a tower in the opposing corner, a clean, black plastic air purifier stands nearly to the sealing - emitting a cool humming sound as it works. Bookshelves line the walls full of texts that range from medical to linguistic to mythological to science fiction. A turnstile magazine wrack rests somewhere in the room, stacked with comic books. And like any nerd, he has a rather impressive computer set-up along a massively over-loaded desk. If anyone were to venture into Ender's bathroom, they would find a medicine cabinet and sink counter over-run with allergy medication. ender
Faculty Lounge XXX lounge
Forge's Room XXX forge
Gambit's Room XXX gambit
Kaji's Room When you walk into this room, the carpet is plush and soft, the color of it a nice dark blue. The colors of the walls are a complimentary color to the carpet, the default white color that spans the entire room. The curtains that hang over the window are a sky blue, a comforting contrast to the darkness of the walls and carpet. They are usually tied back by two black straps that are attached to the walls in planned places. The light actually has a dimmer switch that was located back near the black door that signified the entrance of the room. The colors of the furniture consists beautiful mahogany wood that's been stained with a rich dark brown color. The front room of this small apartment/room would be considered the meeting part of it and sitting on the table of the room is a katana holder. On it is sitting a katana set. The actual katana on the bottom rung, while above it is a wakazashi, and above that is a tanto. Each of them about a third of the size smaller than the one below it. Across from the couch is a TV, along with what seems to be an X-box 360 that he finally has the space to put up since he's not sharing a room. The few games he has a stacked up on their sides next to it. Into his bedroom is where you see how young this teacher actually is. Clothes are most likely strewn about the floor, and his dresser is looking like it might explode without warning due to the contents squeezes inside it. His bed, though mostly never made worth a day in his life, has a rather large blanket on it. It has an ornate design with busts of a wolf, tiger, and then a lioness going across the middle of it with a large bust of a elephant above those three. The blanket hangs over the edges as its big enough for a king sized bed, or something a bit smaller. Next to the bed is a night stand, which houses his alarm clock and a picture frame…that has the letter from his parents inside of it. kaji
Logan's Room This room is rather small, in comparison to the others belonging to the X-Men. But this seems to be by choice rather than chance, as Logan doesn't have much in the way of decoration. The bed is low to the ground, has a bamboo frame around a wooden box supporting a rather plump feather mattress with thick padding, not built for comfort, but rather plenty of support. The sheets are tan and the smooth wool blanket, which is neither thin nor thick, is a light bronze. Aside from this is a small shrine in the corner with a woven bamboo floor mat. The shrine is composed of an impressive and rather old Daisho set with a naturally dark polished black wood used for the sheathes. Before that set sits a small white clay bowl half filled with a clear liquid. logan
Lorna's Room XXX lorna
Betsy's Room A pretty large and well-furnished upper floor loft room here at Xavier's Mansion, this room has been carefully screened off into a few smaller spaces with the use of Oriental screens with dragons done in gold with light purple highlights on white paper. There is an open 'living room' style space with a sofa and a loveseat around a large, soft deep-pile rug with a gold coil dragon on purple, with a large flatscreen television and entertainment center against the wall they face. These can be moved out of the way rather easily to provide an open space for stretching and workouts. Beyond one of the screens is a tiny kitchenette area - hot plate, small fridge and a rolling chopping-block top table, which all surround the entrance to a small private bathroom. Behind the other screen is a queen sized bed with a traditional oak four-poster frame. Overall, the room is well-lit and airy, but understated. betsy
Rogue's Room While the room isn't quite spartan there are almost no frills either. Devoid of personal memorabillia such as pictures and posters, it's almost impossible to tell who the room belongs to. It is obvious a woman resides here, though, because of certain feminine touches. The bed is a four-post canopy double covered in sheets with floral patterns of pastel purples and pinks. The bedskirt is frilled and edged with lace. The walls are painted an acro color with white-washed dustboards and ceilings. The floors are bare, the boards kept highly polished. There are very few other pieces of furniture aside from the bed. A nightstand beside the bed hosts a lamp with victorian-style ribbed and laced shade. Against the wall opposite the bed is a small entertainment stand upon which sits a simple television. Rather than having a closet, the room has a double-door, carved wardrobe of rich cherry wood that stands about seven feet high and four feet wide. Tucked away in the far corner of the room is the door to the bathroom. rogue
Sarah's Room XXX sarah
Scott's Room More a small apartment than a room, the door opens up into a large living room. A large couch and chair face a flat screen plasma TV with a full entertainment center. There's a large desk with several neat stacks of papers and a red pen setting in it's center. Two doors leading off from the main room. One leading into a full kitchen with a long counter top. Several hanging pots and a few ladles surround the stove. A tea towel neatly folded on the counter beside the stove. Several cabinets full of dishes and food of all sorts. The bedroom has a large four poster bed with a nightstand resting beside it. Atop of it is a lamp an empty glass and a long wrap of dark blue material. The bed is neatly made and there's a laundry basket in the corner next to a large bureau. The entire apartment is meticulously clean. A few pictures randomly placed on the walls and the air is fresh and smelling lightly of Scott's cologne. There is a distinct feel of 'A place for everything, and everything in it's place'. scott
Severen's Room XXX severen
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