X Factor Investigations

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The door opens up into a small waiting room with a handful of semi-comfortable looking chairs lined along the bare, bluish green walls, and the floor is covered in black and white tiles. A window with the shades pulled down is on one wall, though the blinds are turned all the way open to let ample light in through their gaps. On the wall opposite of the entrance, an office with a wide window on either side of the door displays itself as 'X-Factor Investigations, J. Madrox, Pres.' The windows are both closed by thick blinds, and to the right of the windows is a staircase leading up to the second floor, though the doorway at the top of those steps has a cork bulletin board on it displaying the sign: PRIVATE OFFICES. The main office on the first floor is much larger than the waiting room, with three plush chairs sitting in front of a large wooden desk. Two windows are on the wall that's a short distance behind it with their shades pulled down as well, although these blinds are slightly angled to cause the shadows to dance in interesting patterns over the room when the lights are low. An adjustable lamp sits on the large desk in the center of the room, along with a phone/fax machine and assorted notebooks and writing utensils. In each of the far corners of the room sits another desk with a computer on top of them, and on the wall nearby a bookcase stands with a large assortment of books ranging from legal matters to detective resources. Apparently they keep the good stuff upstairs.

Locations within

Local name Description Nav Command
X-Factor 2nd Floor Upstairs, beyond the door with the large sign so blatantly reading 'Private Offices', the door opens up into a very large room to the left, which appears to be set up as a community living room/lounge area, with a couple of couches, a large TV and entertainment system, some tables, a dartboard, and a couple of large book-cases with a huge variety of books: everything from old Dick Tracy graphic novels to Do-It-Yourself books, with many unexpected finds within as well. In this large, main room, an office doorway leads off to a smaller room labeled 'Private Office', and another staircase also rests off to the side - this one leading up to the individual, smaller apartments on the third floor. To the right, across from the large living room/lounge area, a small kitchen and dining room can be found, with cupboards, a fridge, stove, sink, microwave, and a table with a handful of chairs around it. up
Private Office This office is considerably smaller than the main, large, receiving office downstairs. It has almost the same setup with the main, large desk in the center of the room, although in this office the desk is pushed up so one side touches the left wall, with a couple of more modest chairs sit in front of it. In the back right corner, another smaller desk has a computer on it, and along the right and back walls stand a good number of heavy-duty filing cabinets. up, private
Alex and Lorna's Room Plush, textured green carpet lays out the floor of this standard sized bedroom. A long dresser with a grand, mahogany frame takes up nearly the entire length of one wall, while a queen sized bed centers against the back one. Lacy yellow curtains flutter about a small window that sits level with the bed's backboard, filtering even light from the outdoors and across the blue sheets. A narrow closet door is squeezed into a corner between the adjoining wall and the dresser, while the bathroom door on the opposing side of the room has a free swing. The green of the carpet makes a transition into creamy, light blue tiles at this doorway. The bathroom is a moderate size, with all the things a bathroom should have, including a bath-shower. The place is usually kept decently clean. up,alex
Rictor's Room Rictor's room lacks a proper description yet. However, it is safe to assume that Rictor's room is a total mess. Even ignoring the earthquake factor, he seems content to just let stuff fall to the ground and stay there. up,ric
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