Logan AKA 'Wolverine'
Played By
Codename Wolverine
Birthdate May 24th, 1888
Birthplace Canada
Alignment Generally Chaotic Good
Affiliation X-Men
Short Powers Healing Factor; Enhanced Agility, Strength, Reflexes, Endurance, and Senses; Adamantium Skeleton; Claws
Offsite Logs

It's Wolverine.


A short and bulky man with thick black hair that isn't content to grow only from his head, but springs up anywhere skin is exposed. His hair is cut in an unusual manner that causes the sides to jut higher than the center and he bears mutton chops that curve under his cheek bones and extend strait down from the center of each blue eye. When his teeth are exposed, sharp canines can be seen.


Logan posesses an extremely powerful healing factor, enhanced agility, strength, reflexes, endurance and senses. His skeletal structure is enfused with adamantium and he has three claw structues that extend from the back of his hands at will. He has psychic scar tissue, giving him some degree of protection from psychic attacks and achieves a berserker-like rage when in combat.


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