What's Shaking
Participants Chase, Hollow and Rene
Scene Title What's Shaking
Synopsis Rene's first re-encounter with a Morlock is not on his terms, but he works with it; Chase is simply disturbed.
Date March 13, 2010

Hell's Kitchen

Patrol pretty much makes up the majority of Hollow's day. Patrol, mock pedestrians, drink some water, repeat. And so it would be no surprise that Hollow is currently on evening patrol. At the moment, though, he's already satisfied his hunger, so he's not really all that into it. He just stands on the edge of a building, staring down into the streets and mumbling, "Come on, come on, I want to see some action down there!"

Trolling the city streets at night used to be much easier than it is now; after a while, however, Rene is getting used to moving himself in the face of tired muscles that tend to twinge. He leans on the cane much more because of it, favoring his right leg as he walks along the course of the sidewalk. His long hair is virtually a beacon in the twilight, splashing over his dark jacket's shoulders from Hollow's point of view.

Hollow watches the figure on the streets with some curiosity. He swings down from the roof, bloodlines clinging to select places on the wall, and stops short of hitting the ground, dangling upside down a little ways off the sidewalk. "Well, hey there, you beautiful head of hair. What's shaking?" He doesn't realize that it's Rene, yet, only that the figure has pretty hair. It seems he's entering the 'harass' phase of his evening.

At first, whoever has their back mostly to him doesn't seem to register the voice; after a pause, Rene turns himself around, hand hoisting the cane in his hand so that his palm wraps around the space just under the knob. Whether or not he is prepared to defend himself isn't clear, as it still seems like an idle gesture. The misty evening lends a layer of damp to his coat, though the rest seems untouchable by whatever is floating around.

Rene's face is bent in a furrowed glare when he swivels, and it stays plastered there for just a few moments more. And then it promptly vanishes, though the steel in his blue eyes remains, and his lips curl to form a tenor word. "Hollow."

Lowering himself further so that he lays flat against the ground, Hollow crouches and looks up at Rene. The lines of blood retract and, for a few moments, the man crouches on the ground to consider the single uttered word. His brows furrow slightly and he gets up to his feet, and says, a bit cautiously, "Well, well, look who's all grown up now." He extends from his palm some bloodlines, which twist together and form a cane to mime Rene's.

Rene laughs, the sound of lower pitch and very melodic. As always. The quiet evening on the street is still quite calm, though now with added surprises. His eyes watch the mutant man with vague mirth when he creates a mirror cane to his. In return, Rene lifts one gloved hand to the air above his head, tilting the brim of a phantom hat as he cocks his hip and bends slightly at the waist. The white smile and eyes are familiar, and so is this moment of humor. "No pain, no gain. Goodness knows growing up has paid off, but dear me, it hurt quite a bit."

Hell's Kitchen isn't exactly the best place for some random white kid from suburbia to go walking around - thankfully Chase only really /looks/ that, rather than being that. He's out for a stroll tonight - maybe to check up on some stuf fhe had stashed or meet someone somewhere. Who knows. A backpack that looks like it has something heavy in it rests on one shoulder; the other strap seems to be busted. He pauses for a moment to adjust it, therefore, catching sight of Hollow across the street. It's not polite to stare, but he can hardly be blamed, exactly…

Hollow chuckles softly and says, grinning wider than his mouth should be able to afford, "Why, I remember when you were but a wee lad." He spins the cane idly and says, "It looks like you had quite a time with the growing pains. Me, I didn't grow much since I was a kid. If I did, I guess I wouldn't notice."

He stops when he feels like he's being stared at. He knows that feeling pretty well, so he turns to look directly at Chase. "Hey, kid, do you have the time?" he calls across the street. After acknowledging Chase's existance, he continues to speak to Rene: "Why didn't you let me know you were out and about? I would have thrown a dinner party. There would have been cocktails."

"Growing pains. Sort of- A party? For me? Well, maybe I should have come back with a bang?" Rene lifts his eyebrows before looking over to where Hollow had done so, eyes taking in the young man across the way. His lips thin, and he glances back to the person he is more familiar with. Person, very loosely put. "I have been quiet on purpose, actually. I've been gone about two years, come spring- for now I am moving back to my shop and feeling out who I may still
know. No parties for me, quite yet. I have the feeling you guys are all still down there? I've gone past- I saw the moss is dying- but perhaps I was too cowardly to show myself." Rene admits, though it pains him to do so.

Chase glances down at what appears to be a cell phone casually yanked out of one pocket, "Late!" he calls back, sounding rather vague. He doesn't appear to want to move on so easily, though. He continues fiddling with the cell-phone like device for a while, leaning against a lamp post. Reluctant to come any closer, though.

Hollow nods slowly and says, "Well, lots of us are still down there… I see Zach sometimes, wandering around, and Hopper is bright and sneaky like a good Morlock should be. And the kids are still there, but older. Sal… Lucien is gone. She was very sick." The Morlock falls silent for a moment at that, looking down at the ground. He's not usually very serious, but the way he says this bit is with great gravity. But the silence passes, and Hollow looks back towards Chase. "Dude, what are you even doing over there when it's late o'clock?" And back to Rene. Apparently, he's content with having two conversations at once. "I won't tell anyone you're back if you don't want me to. My lips are sealed." To demonstrate, he draws a bloodline through his lips to make it look like he's suturing them shut.

Rene's hands knot on one another as he listens, face adopting a solemn nod as Hollow goes on. "Hopper- she should be an adult now, right? I remember her being young- but she was always rather mature. I doubt Zachery has changed much…?" Rene questions hesitantly, eyes coasting to Chase again as well. "It is not that I don't want anyone to know, Hollow. Just that I think that I should be taking it slow. I have- stress problems now, sometimes." Absently, his hand smooths the fabric of his coat at his side.

"Stuff," Chase answers, shrugging. "Sightseeing, mostly," he answers with a somewhat crooked grin. "This part of town has some of the most interesting stuff to see. Doesn't compare with L.A. though…" he laughs, crossing the street slowly. There's really no point in yelling back and forth. As he gets closer whatever he's got in his hand disappears into his pocket for the moment. He plays the part of the part of the oblivious tourist somewhat sarcastically; it's not exactly believable at this time of day…

Hollow shakes his head and says, drawing a finger across his lips to cut the sutures, "Sack will never change in any way. And Hopper… she's pretty much a grown up now. It's funny. I don't think of her like an adult, but I guess that's what happens when time passes. And I understand… I'll follow your wishes, don't worry about it. Take your time. Then maybe cocktails?" He scratches his head lightly and looks back towards Chase, "Man, I've been to L.A. It sucks. Los Angeles? More like Los Angles. As in right angles. As in square. As in weak-ass tea."

"Perhaps cocktails. You and the others are always free to visit me, as well. If you find yourselves nearby. I will visit soon, though, I think." The blond man lifts his chin to Chase, gaze scrutinizing. The pair he is approaching is so very odd, but perhaps the L.A. boy is used to it. "It is not that bad. I prefer San Francisco." Rene nudges an elbow to the air in Hollow's direction, peering that way as he does so.

Chase just sorta looks at Hollow, then shrugs - running hand through his hair for a minute, "Yeah, Frisco's pretty sick," he agrees, "But I was born in L.A., you know?" he shrugs, "Lotta memories there, good and bad…" he trails off for a minute, "Can't really go back now though. This is home, such as it is…" he doesn't sound hugely pleased about it. Finally, "Do you, uh, worry? You know, just being out in the open like this. People kinda freak out back home some…"

Hollow stares at Chase and says, "Worry? Worry about what? It just takes one gulp, and anyone who might cause me any problems… -gone-." This isn't true at all. Hollow's ability to gulp is not at all super powerful. "Ohhhh, San Francisco, that's a pretty good choice. Colourful. Good show, old chap," says Hollow, grinning, "Me, I'd stick to New York. It's always interesting here."

"I've seen him do it." Rene backs up Hollow, though he is pretty certain that it was a lie. A fun lie. Little white one. "Troublemakers are troublemakers, and we certainly know how to deal with those." He smiles, rather disarmingly so. "I just finished my globetrotting, I would rather think about this place than any others." Spring is coming, and it is all about renewal.

Chase rubs his chin, "Interesting…" he replies finally, not sounding entirely convinced. "I've been known to make a little trouble here and there," he notes. "But usually only for a certain kinda people." Of course, he's not sure WHICH kind Rene and Hollow are, but given that they seem content to stand here and talk rather than, well, whatever else, he figures they're probably okay. Probably. If not? He'll cross that road when he comes to it. "Anyway, since we're talking, I suppose we oughta exchange names, neh? I'm Chase," he holds out a hand. All proper like.

An opportunity to introduce himself? Well, that's just fantastic for Hollow! "I'm the shadow from every madman's nightmare and the answer to the innocent's cry for help. I am the handsomely homely, helpfully hostile, hospitably heartless Hollow-man, who happily hasn't halitosis." Because if he did, his little spiel would be /intolerable/. "My friends just call me Hollow."

He reaches to take Chase's hand, to boot.

Rene just watches and listens, features morphing into vaguely impressed as his self-introduction. As Hollow has taken the proffered hand, he is left to just smile appreciatively. "Rene. I'm French, it is not a girl's name." Just to be perfectly clear, here.

Chase shakes the hand (can it be called that?) before letting his hand drop to its side, "That's pretty impressive sounding," he laughs, "But then, you're pretty impressive looking," he ponders, nodding to Rene, "Gotcha," he nods. "You sure?" he grins, "I mean… France and all," he smiles lopsidedly. "No, seriously, nice to meet you. I don't really know anybody in town. I came here with some friends but they're… gone, for now."

Hollow inclines himself slightly at the waist in a polite bow at being called impressive looking. "Well, aren't you a little flatterer, Mr. Chase. But I assure you, I'm much more impressive looking when my ire is struck." He extends his bloodlines up into the air. "Rene, I will do my best to visit you sometime. I'll show you pictures of all the little ones. But for now, I must be saying adieu." He pauses for a moment to explain to Chase, "In French, that means goodbye," before pulling himself right back up to the rooftop.

The situation brings a laugh, and Rene tilts his head back to watch Hollow make his way back up to the building. "See you, hollow-man." His face tilts sidelong to get a second, better look at Chase, studious in its entirety. "If you ever need help, I have a shop in Greenwich. Albus Corvus. If you find yourself misplaced, feel free." Rene may have had his trials, but he is still the neutral man with good intentions that he always was.

"I'll keep it in mind," Chase nods, shoving his hands into the pockets of his jacket before he begins fiddling with the little gadget again; he disappears around a corner, and a large gasoline engine, like a truck, can be heard starting up. It fades silent after a few seconds though, and the boy is gone.

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