Vanessa Morrison-Bennett
Vanessa Morrison-Bennett
Played By Natalie Dormer
Birthdate April 4, 1993
Age 16
Birthplace New Orleans, LA
Alignment Goody Two Shoes
Affiliation Civilians
Short Powers Psychometry. If Vanessa touches inanimate objects with bare skin, she sees parts of its history
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Vanessa's power is touch based. If any sort of inanimate object touches her skin, she recieves mental flashes of things that have gone on in the close vicinity of the object, about ten feet or so. Most flashes will be quick, random little images, that don't make much sense. However, if occurences with strong emotions tied to them have happened nearby, these bursts will be longer, and played out, almost like a movie.

Vanessa's power only works for inanimate objects, though this is something the girl is grateful for. She can easily touch humans without getting flashes of what had happened to them in the past, along with animals, or anything else that could be considered an animate object.

However, when Vanessa does happen to touch an object, she has no control over what she sees, or how far back into the object's past that she sees. She could only see things that had happened over the last six hours, or she could things things from five years ago. She also has no way of knowing that time this images are from, unless there is a clear date and time anywhere in the mental flash.


The adopted daughter of lesbian couple, Emmy Morrison and Nicole Bennett, Vanessa was raised in the outskirts of New Orleans from the time she was adopted at age five. Weekends were spent exploring both the touristy and less known streets, shops, and entertainment venues of New Orleans, while nightly during the week, her homework was accompanied by lessons of tarot card and palm readings, among other divination techniques.

Life went on in this way until Vanessa was 13, when Nicole had a book published. After a best selling success, the family moved to Lower Manhattan. Nicole continued her writing, and Emmy opened a cafe in the space below their apartment. It was shortly after this that Vanessas powers appeared. While helping clean up the cafe after closing, Vanessa picked up a vase to wipe a table down, when she was assaulted with mental images. A man talking on his cell phone, arguing about his divorce; two kids trying to play Go Fish with a deck of tarot cards their mother had bought; a pregnant woman reading a magazine on being a parent.

Quickly confessing to her parents what had happened, they kept Vanessa out of school for the next few days, the three of them researching on what they considered a psychic gift that had been dormant. Eventually, they discovered that the correct term for Vanessa's gift was psychometry, a type of retrocognition. Knowing that the images only happened when she held objects, Vanessa soon started wearing long sleeves and gloves when going out of the family's apartment.

Over the next few years, Vanessa became more and more nervous about going outside. While she knew she should be honored that she had such a gift, she hated when she accidentally touched things, getting random flashes of things that only halfway made sense. Eventually, she became a virtual hermit, dropping out of school and joining an online homeschooling program. However, after much convincing from her parents, the girl started working in her mother's cafe after school, slowly trying to regain her confidence about going out in public again.

So far, the girl has slowly been able to rejoin the public eye, but it is still not as well as it could be. Vanessa avoids as many crowded places as possible, and she avoids speaking to people when she can. When she does speak, it's with a stutter. However, her hermitage is being broken slowly but surely, and the girl hopes that by the time she graduates high school, she'll be back to normal.

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