Uriko AKA Bast
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Played By
Codename Bast
Birthdate August 7, 1991
Age 17
Birthplace Gakuenmae, Japan
Alignment Chaotic Good
Affiliation Xavier's School, X-Men
Short Powers Limited shapeshifting, Healing Factor, Enhanced strength,speed, reflexes, senses
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Before you is a fairly short girl of Asian descent. She's definitely short, in fact… no 'fairly' about it. She stands at around five feet tall, and probably doesn't weigh very much either. Her hair is is a light reddish color, not normally seen on Asians, so it's either dye or a side effect of her mutation. She keeps it in a long pony-tail reaching down to the middle of her back, with a few stray locks seeming to uncontrollably hang about her face. She has sparkling dark brown eyes, set above a petite nose and mouth which fit her her face well, giving her a deceptively delicate look that still seems to do little to hide her fiery nature.
Over her lithe and athletic body, she usually wears a zip-up hoody with the front open; it's maybe a size or two too big. Beneath that she wears a white t-shirt that clings to her torso like a second skin, leaving a thin strip of midriff exposed. Her legs are clad in a pair of flared hip-huggers with frayed cuffs at the bottom, slightly covering her black and white skater shoes. Overall, her clothes look neither expensive nor cheap, but definitely well worn and loved… Nothing special.



Shapeshifting - Uriko's most immediately recognizable and visually impressive ability allows her to change her forms. She has two 'basic' forms to choose from; human and tiger. Most of her time is spent in her human form; the tiger form is for various combat and/or intelligence gathering situations.

Regeneration - Uriko has an increased healing factor. This allows her to completely heal from almost all injuries with no scarring or evidence that the injury ever took place. Bruises heal in seconds. Small cuts take about a minute, larger gashes taking several minutes to a half hour. Injuries such as gunshots or deep stab wounds can take anywhere between a day or a week to heal, depending on the severity. She can also regenerate lost limbs, which takes anywhere from two weeks to a month and a half depending upon the severity of the loss and the amount of food available for consumption. As long as her heart, brain, and a good amount of blood stay intact and in her body she can heal from nearly any trauma. Damage to the heart and brain can be healed, depending upon the condition of the rest of the body, though enough damage to either of them will result in instant death, as will decapitation or massive (more than three fourths) blood loss.

  • HUMAN *

Strength - Uriko possesses about 1.5x the strength of a human of her size, age, and ability that is in peak physical condition. She can lift anywhere from 400-500 pounds, depending on the object's size and stability of surfaces.

Reflexes - Uriko has reflexes that are twice as fast as a regular human - this is the time that it takes for her brain to process information and start to react, not the actual physical speed of the reaction.

Speed - Uriko possesses the ability to move at increased speed in all forms, though normal movements are conducted at average rates. This may be linked to her enhanced strength. She may sustain what would be considered 'sprinting' speeds for an average, athletically fit Homo-Sapien specimen for extended periods of time, or burn extra energy to move at higher speeds. Due to the inability to put this force onto the ground efficiently in a bipedal form, running speeds are limited to about twenty miles per hour.

Senses - Uriko possesses greatly enhanced senses in human form, mainly her hearing and smell. She has 20/20 vision and better night vision than most, but nowhere near approaching her animal form.

  • TIGER *

Equal to the best speciments of Panthera Tigris Amoyensis (South China Tiger), except with the ability to speak human languages. For some specifics…

Attack - Uriko's bite force in this form approaches nearly 2,000 PSI, one of the strongest bites in the animal kingdom. She also possesses large retractable claws.

Manueverability - Uriko can temporarily achieve speeds of up to 40 mph in short sprints. In this form, Uriko can jump distances of up to 35 feet in length, and around ten or fifteen feet into the air.

Senses - As a tiger, Uriko can see almost perfectly even in what would appear to be total darkness to a human. She poessesses limited ability to distinguish colors, however, as a result. Her sense of smell is much enhanced over that of a human, though it's by no means the best; she can distinguish different metals, chemicals, and tell if someone is carrying gunpowder based weaponry. Her hearing is top notch as far as animals go, as it is one of the primary senses that tigers use to hunt with.


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