Trisha Smith
<character's full name>
Played By
Age 13
Alignment Chaotic Good
Short Powers Precognition, Astral Projection, Increased Intelligence
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The girl before you is on the short side - even considering that she looks just barely older than thirteen. She's way short of five feet, maybe around 4'8", and probably weighs in around seventy-five pounds or so. She's in about as good of shape as anybody could ask of a girl her age. Though younger, her face could be considered pretty, though there's nothing particularly remarkable about it. A few freckles dot her cheeks here and there; straight white teeth can be seen when she smiles. Peering out from behind a pair of wire-rimmed glasses, her vivid emerald green eyes are probably her most remarkable feature… a glimps into another world, a mind that goes far deeper than one would think at first glance.
Her unruly brown hair is barely held in place by a white stocking cap with black teddy bear ears and eyes; it hangs lazily about her face and travels down past her shoulders to her lower back in multiple locks, mimicking water as she moves. Her skin is a light peach in color, somewhat pale but not chalk white.
Besides the silly hat, Trisha's fashion sense is okay, but not great - she could be called cute, even though her clothing seems to veer towards the practical rather than fashionable. Over her torso she wears a snug t-shirt, olive green in color, depicting various Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles characters in black outlines. Over this, and on her legs, she wears a set of blue denim overalls with lots of pockets for random odds and ends, snug towards the top and loose towards the bottom, with somewhat tattered cuffs hanging over a pair of pink cross-trainers that look equally worn.


Short-term Precognition

This is just what it sounds like. At any time, her mind may exist several seconds ahead of her on the timeline she resides in. (Though the exact time varies a little here and there.) This is a subconscious thing and therefor does not take any effort to maintain, although it's also not controllable. It works in the form of mental 'suggestions' to her conscious mind, much like Spider-Man's 'Spidey Sense' although somewhat more exact and far-reaching.

While Spidey's danger sense may alert him to danger, Trisha's precognition is on all the time. She sometimes ends up correctly finishing other's sentences because of this - too impatient to wait for them to spit it out when she already knows what they're going to say. In combat, this obviously makes her very tricky to pin down, the equivalent of having phenominal agility, and more. However, her body is only human, and can only move so fast. Just because she knows something is coming does not necessarily mean she can avoid it. She is also only human physically, which means that although she may not use quite as much energy dodging as a normal person does (she can do it more fluidly) she also can't keep it up forever. Even a normal human, if in better physical condition than her, could probably tire her out enough to beat her. Though such a person would also have to deal with her offensive until that point.

Astral Projection

Trisha's spirit, mind, or presence, however you want to call it, often seperates from her body while she sleeps. This ability can send her anywhere within her current timeline; including different dimensions such as the astral plane. She can control this very roughly by what she thinks about before she sleeps. While there she exists as a transparent apparition of her normal form, intangible with the ability to levitate. All of her senses operate as normal, and she can make noise, but lacks the ability to interact with the physical world. She could, for instance, sit down on a chair, but she could not move the chair. In dimensions that do not obey the laws of physics, differing rules apply, but in general she can't be hurt or even affected except by other psychics.

Increased Intelligence

Trisha is definitely much smarter than your average 13 year old, and this seems to be a side effect of the increased mental capacity required to deal with her precognition. She is not a genius on the level of Reed Richards nor does she have technological aptitude like Forge, but she rather easily understands mathematical and scientific concepts that elude people much older than her.


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