Trevisani Residence

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The front gate to the Trevisani Residence is more for decoration than for keeping anyone out. A low stone wall encircles the house, with it's decorative wooden gate generally left open. The house itself is three stories tall and rather large. There is a path of pebbles leading from the gate to the front door. In the front yard, there are several cherry trees that, in the spring, blossom into a light pink.

Locations within

Local name Description Nav Command
TR - 1st Floor The foyer to the house is a simple room holding a few places to sit, a place to hang your coat and hat and a rack for shoes, which are meant to be removed before entering further into the residence. There is a doorway to the left that leads to a set of stairs. Decorated in rich, deep reds and oranges, the room is warm, inviting and has the faintest scent of a Moroccan marketplace. go
TR - Parlor This room is where the Countess entertains visitors when they stop by. The walls are painted a midnight blue, the couches are various shades of green, the tables and lamps about the room are black. The lighting is just dim enough to take away the jarring brightness of normal lamps, not so much that it would be difficult to see. go, p
TR - Back Hall This hall is fairly simplistic, it lacks the art that decorates the other halls and is painted a light beige. Several doors line the walls, and at the end of the hall, there is a set of double doors leading to the back of the house. go, p, bh
TR - Kitchen In a contrast to the rest of the house, the kitchen is all harsh angles and metal surfaces. Meant to be able to handle larger dinner parties, the stove, oven, refrigerator and counters are all oversized, compared to what you would find in the average home. go, p, bh, k
TR - Dining Hall Prepared to accommodate multiple tens of guests, the focus of this room is the long, rectangular, mahogany table and its accompanying chairs. The room itself is a grey-green and has a hung piece of art at each end of the room. There is a long chest of drawers on one wall, where all the plates, silverware, serving dishes, napkins and centerpieces are held. go, p, bh, dh
TR - Rock Garden Out back, there is a large rock garden surrounded by a wooden walkway. There are a number of rakes hung along the wall of the house, ready for use. The garden is mostly small pebbles that are easily shifted about for purposes of mediation and focus. Here and there within the garden there are larger rocks half-buried in the pebbles. go, p, bh, bd
TR - Second Floor Eastern style art lines the second story hallway. One side of the hall is almost entirely windows, allowing a view of the outdoors. Six doors line the other wall, where the Countess' guests will be welcomed to stay. go, s
TR - Kaden's Suite The suite set aside for the Spirit of Fire is decorated in cool blues and greens. There are couches to lounge on, an oak table, thick curtains to cover the windows and an area of floor pillows in case that is preferred. There is a door to the back leading to the more private rooms in the suite. go, s, ks
TR - Third Floor Like the hall below it, the third floor hall is also decorated with eastern style art. However, unlike the floor below, this hall has no windows, no view to the outdoors at all. Instead there are candle holders set at steady intervals along the walls. go, s, u
TR - Countess' Room The antechamber to the Countess' room is a large, comfortable space decorated in purples, deep yellows, oranges and reds. There is a low, black lacquered table, with several floor pillows around it for sitting. The large, floor length windows are covered by silk fabric draped over them. The fabric also hangs from the walls and ceiling, giving the illusion that one is not sitting in a house at all. There is a door to one side that leads to the more private rooms of the suite. go, s, u, cs
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