Subway: Ruined Tunnel

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cut and paste code below into your client's entry window and hit enter for a quick run to this location

+go 36


The walls of this part of the tunnel look to have been scooped straight out of solid rock, and large segments of it have been hewn away at some point. Anyone who dares to venture deeper into the tunnel will be greeted by a plethora of small, white glowing flowers that grow in a turquise-coloured moss, and open up as people pass. They guide the way to two rusty swinging doors, which remain perpetually unlocked.

Locations within

Local name Description Nav Command
Morlock Tunnels Having higher ceilings than the connecting tunnels, this room seems alot less suffocating. A manhole in the ceiling can be reached with a black, rusty ladder that rides up one wall, and haphazard furniture is scattered about. A ruddy but comfortable looking grey sofa, a few cheap chairs, and some crates to sit on. A faucet pokes out of one of the uneven walls, dripping every so often on some soft moss that grows below it. Wires make their way out from the walls at either ends of the room, and from them hang occasionally flickering lightbulbs. Most of them have at least one moth friend. In one corner, a few opened crates are piled up, and offer some loot in the form of canned food and loose vegetables and fruit. The tunnel takes a sharp turn near the end of this room, and it's there that a pair of dented, metal doors are welded to the walls, the ones you'd see leading to a kitchen in a restaurant. That's probably where they're missing some, as well. Please note: The Morlock tunnels are often used as a gathering spot for homeless mutants, regardless whether they are a member of the Morlocks or not. Therefore, all the non-personal rooms will have a number of people present at all times, doing their own thing. Feel free to NPC where wanted. pd
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