New York is not your average city. It is a world where the strange is commonplace, magic is mundane and wonders sometimes slip beneath notice. It is a city brimming with heroes, villains and everything in between. Some of these people have their eyes set on global salvation (or conquest), playing roles in galactic diplomacy or challenging otherworldly horrors. But there is another layer to the superhuman community, the ones who call New York their home, their territory or their turf. The ones who do not play a role in the galactic happenings, the world events or even the national news. These are the Heroes of New York. Whether these are heroes to the citizens of the Big Apple, or heroes of their own selfish goals is up to them.

And here on the streets of the city, there are goals a-plenty. The students of the Xavier's Institute for Gifted Youngsters only want to explore and enjoy the city, while the dangerous Friends of Humanity want to end the genetic anomoly that is mutantkind. The Morlocks want only to survive and the Brotherhood of Mutants wants to dominate the city. Members of AIM want their own piece of the world, while the Heroes for Hire want a slice of the pie.

The world fears what's different, and that often amounts to mutantkind. Most people feel that these are non-humans, a species to be watched, feared and controlled to the best of their abilities. The political climate is unfriendly for these mutants, but smiles on heroes that are (or were once) their own: Supersoldiers and those who received their powers from an accident are sometimes untouched by public scrutiny while still others can't help but always be in the spotlight in the worst way possible. What is to come of this city, from this tension and uneasiness?

This is Marvel: Heroes of New York. This is a game based on the street level Marvel Comics characters, before the happenings of House of M, and not necessarily following in the canon's footsteps. Here, it is you who helps write the story.

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