Underwater Lair

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Dr. Otto Octavius is a man who likes to collect lairs; he has dozens scattered about the greater New York metropolitan area, more if you count the numerous little bolt-holes, storage spaces, and little-used workspaces. But this one, the one hidden at the bottom of the murky East River, is the oldest, the most elaborate, the most well-equipped, and arguably his favorite. This was where he first took on the Master Planner alias. This is where he concocted the poison to kill all five million Daily Bugle readers. It is the place he retreated to in order to recover from his harrowing resurrection from the dead. It is a place for plotting, planning, and scientific experimentation. And if any place can be called 'home' by the man known as Doctor Octopus, this is it. The main room is a large, open space with hatchways leading to other portions of the structure (including the airlock which houses a pair of tentacled submersibles of Octavius's own design) and a raised area surrounded by a waist-high railing. Computer banks, monitors, and other advanced electronic equipment line the curved walls.

Locations within

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Dr. Octavius' Quarters In creating his own rooms within the underwater lair, Dr. Octavius has spared himself no expense, has denied himself no comfort. After all, a man of his standing and genius deserves no less. Even so, the decor is tasteful; an indulgence in creature comforts does not mean that the doctor stoops to pointless decadence. His suite consists of a main sitting area (with a well-stocked bar and kitchenette), a bedroom and private bath (of course) and (quite hidden) a secretive escape passage — just in case. do
Laboratory Unsurprisingly, the main laboratory is a gleaming, well-stocked, and well-equipped temple to the god of science. An Octopus playground, if you will, ready to submit to the whims of the man (or woman, since Octavius's protege has access to it, too) using it. Along with several long worktables and supply cabinets (which contain everything from temperature-controlled medical specimens to bits and pieces of electronic equipment to carefully shielded samples of radioactive isotope) there are two human-sized 'pods' along the wall. lab
Dr. Trainer's Quarters Dr. Carolyn Trainer's quarters are mostly utilitarian. The walls are stark and bare, the bed is simply a place to lie down after a long night in the laboratory if she happens to remember not to fall asleep at a desk. There is a door to a bathroom and another for a closet, as with everything else in the room, lamps, desk, bedside table, they are about function, not form. Usefulness, not beauty. dt
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