Ink'd and Jabb'd

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The outside of the parlor doesn't look like much. The bricks are dingy and chipped, the paint on the door faded and cracking. However, the glass of the front window is clean, the parlor name along with the logo bright against it.
The inside of the parlor makes up for the rather seedy exterior. The floors throughout are white and black tile, the walls painted a dark red. In the front of the parlor, various couches and armchairs are positioned around tables that hold artist portfolios and tattoo magazines that are actually up to date. The walls are lined with large picture frames that show of all the available piercings available, along with many flash tattoo designs and inspirations.

Behind the seating area are two glass counters that start at each wall and nearly meet in the middle of the room, separating the seating area from the back rooms where all the work is done. The counter holds rings, barbells, plugs, studs, and spikes of various sizes and designs. It also holds cleaning solutions, salt water soaks, and other aftercare products.

Immediately behind the counter is a desk that holds the register, along with a computer which has no other purpose than to store thousands upon thousands flash designs, and keep track of appointments. The computer is hooked up to a thermal fax machine, and scanner. There are also a few sketchbooks on the desk, some pages halfway filled in random drawings. Next to the desk is a filing cabinet which holds all the papers one might need, including the standard legal liability forms that are an absolute necessity for a tattoo and piercing parlor. On the opposite wall of the desk and the filing cabinet is a very large, very fancy, very intricate, and very badass sound system. It is almost always playing something.

Past that is a hallway that leads to four separate rooms, each one carrying all the necessary equipment for the tattooing and piercing processes. Tables are pushed along the three walls, holding drawers full of organized needles and inks, latex gloves, disposable razors, sanitizers, and whatever else may be needed. Underneath the table along the back wall are bins for used sharps, biohazards, and whatever else might be disposed of. A small rolling stool is usually pushed under one table when not in use, while dentist style chairs are placed in the middle of the rooms.

At the back of the hallway, there is a door that is almost always kept locked. This is not a place for customers! Usually.

Locations within

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Ink'd and Jabb'd - Andy's Apartment The stairs from the tattoo parlor lead up to a small area that's just off the kitchen, which has white linoleum floors, simple, but fully functional appliances, and dark stained wood countertops. There's no dining area, but a bar with stools separates the kitchen from the rest of the apartment and is where most meals are held when company is over. Just past the kitchen is the living room, which like the rest of the apartment (sans kitchen) is floored in very worn down, and very soft navy blue carpeting. Pressed against one wall of the living room is an old, large, comfortable couch that can be pulled out into a bed, a fully stocked entertainment system on the wall opposite of it. Video games included! Resting against the wall between them, underneath the living room's lone window, is a /very/ large dog kennel that holds what looks like a few blankets and chewed up toys, along with a food and water bowl. Next to the kennel is a chest filled to bursting with dog toys, all in various states of destruction. The bedroom and bathroom are off of the living room, neither very large. The bed is a double, with end tables on either side, and covered in black and red sheets and a matching comforter. A dresser rests at the end of it, with a few various knick-knacks resting on top. A few bookshelves are pushed against the walls here, holding more picture frames and other mementos rather than books. The bathroom holds an old fashioned, clawfoot bathtub-slash-slower and standing sick and toilet. Considering it's a guys apartment, the bathroom is also surprisingly clean! u
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