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The Tarot Cafe is set into two main rooms. The brightly lit front, laced invigoratingly with the scent of various types of coffees, teas, food, and a hint of sandalwood, is occupied by tables and chairs and more tables and couches, for places to sit and chat and drink and eat. A 'Mutants welcome here' sign is proudly displayed in the front window, along with the café's logo, a deck of outspread tarot cards, a crystal ball, and a steaming cup of something or other. Near the back wall, a counter set out with various coffee beans and loose tea leaves sat near the register, with a board above it. The board lists types of teas, and coffees, and sandwiches, along with prices. The unusual things on the board however, are various types of divination readings for sale. Tarot cards, runes, i-ching, numerology, dream interpretation, and many others are listed. However, behind the register, a bead covered door leads a hallway with various doorways, where you can have whichever fortune you've purchased read. In the opposite direction, a door hides a stairwell, which leads up to the apartment above the café. Customers, not allowed. But, back to the bead doorway, and where it leads.
Here, the lighting dims, the hallway having a heavier, but not unpleasant sandalwood scent. Each doorway has an actual door, as to reduce the noise level, and keep the calming effect in each room.
The rooms are painted in light blues and purples, with incense burners hanging from the ceiling above the doorways. In the middle of each room sits a table, with whatever fortune telling means the customer has picked in front of it. Whether you need to kneel or sit at the table depends on the room.

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