Sunset Rains
Portrayed By Nikka Costa
Gender/Species Female/Human
Date of Birth February 20, 1951
Age 29
Aliases Sunny, Beatnik
Place of Birth California, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Florist
Known Relatives Susan Rains (Mother, deceased), Thomas Rains (Father, deceased), John Anderson (Former husband, deceased), Matthew Rains (Son, estranged), Julia Rains (Daughter) Elizabeth (Granddaughter), Oz Delaney (Surrogate younger brother), Angelika Bennett (Surrogate younger sister)
Significant Other Warren Worthington the Third
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  • "We are all connected. No matter if we don't realize it, everyone is connected. As my daughter once put it, it's like everyone is standing all together in a Red Rover chain. They just don't realize that they're holding hands, tying to keep the chain together and keep the world strong."


  • Though she'll never admit it, Sunset has always had a thing for blue eyes.
  • While she's tried quite a few times to eat vegetarian, there's something about about chicken that just keeps calling her back.
  • One of Sunset's dreams in life is to start a home for runaway mutants. It'll be a halfway point between the Morlock Tunnels and Xavier's.
  • She also wants to start her own commune, like the one she was once in, somewhere in upstate New York.
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