Street Level

What is “Street Level”?

Street level is a difficult idea to describe; there are many different things that come into play. A good gauge is to imagine the character engaging in a situation. Would they seem out of place at a bank robbery or mugging? If so, and the character is meant to be a costumed hero or villain, they're likely above what we'd call street-level. While Captain America would never fail to help people in need, having him drop in on a car thief feels somewhat awkward with his regular involvement in cosmic scenarios and being a major member of the Avengers. Spider-Man, while theoretically more powerful, is the type of hero that regularly gets involved in these situations.

Feature Characters

As mentioned above, Spider-Man is our gauge for street-level power. This leaves room for many popular characters and their villains to appear in our game. When in doubt, log in to the game as a guest and ask one of our staff members, or send us an email at moc.liamg|seorehmm#moc.liamg|seorehmm

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