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SL - Underground Tunnel Stepping through the trap door inside of the Statue of Liberty brings you down a short ladder into the roof of a large cavern - beside your head and all along the top of the cavern can be seen various support beams that hold up the giant monument above. Once one steps off the ladder, they'll find themselves on a primitive mechanical lift - a lift that looks to be decades old, though it appears to be sturdily built and in good mechanical order. A switch and a lever control the lift's motion up and down from the floor. A series of flood lights deftly hidden among the cracks and crevices provide light in this room when switched on, but the method of doing this is not readily apparent - there are also no descernable exits except for the trap door above. A few long forgotten crates of tools and building materials sit here and there - the cave looks for all intents and purposes like an abandoned maintenance access route. Only someone who already knows it's there (or someone who's clumsy enough to bumble into the right spot on the wall) might find the secret panel that leads further within. td
SL -Hostel: War Room This room is /big./ Very reminiscent of the Round Table at Camelot. In fact, the first thing that anybody who walks into the War Room will probably notice is the huge wooden circular table that occupies the center of the room - it's easily big enough for six or eight people to sit at comfortably, maybe ten if everyone was real friendly. Across the middle of the table is emblazoned a lightning bolt - different 'layers' of the lightning colored different colors. Six in all; yellow, blue, red, purple, pink, and finally black. The room's floor is clad in dark green tile, its walls painted a deep maroon. A long series of depression-era chandeliers hang in a circle around the table, lighting up the whole room. td,sp
SL - Hostel: The Hub This room is enormous, and it's positively boggling to think that it exists beneath such a well known monument as the Statue of Liberty without anybody knowing. It's probably not a stretch to say that it's about as long and wide as a football field, with ceiling stretching a couple stories into the air. It appears to have been carved straight out of rock. It's also well furnished with the latest in 40's style decorating - earthen tones seem to be the norm here. There are many doors branching off of this room in all directions, leading to various living quarters for the lair's occupants. The central fixture of this room though seems to be a large circle of couches with some rather outdated (but high quality) home electronics, though the walls are also lined with bookshelves. One one end of the room rests a 'dock' of sorts - it appears to be a pool of water, but upon closer inspection turns out to be an underwater passage to the ocean outside. Despite this, the room is very warm - a likely explanation would be that the whole place is powered and heated using some form of geothermal power. td,sp, h
SL - Hostel: The Hub XXX td,sp, h,ar
SL - Hostel: The Hub Chase's room is pretty sparse - but typical for a teenager's room. A large unmade bed and clothes strewn all over the floor. A CD player and a large collection of bought and stolen discs lay flung out on the room's nightstand, along with an eclectic assortment of mechanical odds and ends. td,sp, h,cr
SL - Hostel: The Hub XXX td,sp, h,kr
SL - Hostel: The Hub Molly's room is simple. Not by choice, but because, like the other Runaways, she just doesn't have the funds to decorate to her taste. There is an unmade bed in the corner, too large for a twelve year old, a closet on one wall, standing open with clothes thrown into a pile at the floor of it. Her collection of hats, however, has a place of honor on top of a shelf inside the closet, the few items that are taken good care of. td,sp, h,mr
SL - Hostel: The Hub XXX td,sp, h,nr
SL - Hostel: The Hub The kitchen for this lair is fully functional but far from matching the grand scale of the rest of the lair - clearly whoever lived here put food at a low priority, or was not all that interested in cooking their own meals. A sink, a stove, a dishwasher, and even a microwave, all slightly 'newer' than the rest of the lair's furnishings, point to the fact that the kitchen might've been a more recent addition, perhaps a decade or so newer than the rest of the lair… td,sp, h,tk
SL - Hostel: The Hub XXX td,sp, h,vr
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