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For the last four years, Tony Stark has been building the 93-story Stark Tower to be a gleaming beacon of modern architecture. This happened to be one of his dream projects of his life. The top three floors were going to be his new home, but he has since donated it to the New Avengers.

Locations within

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ST Elevator As with the rest of this building, even the simple metallic elevator is a marvel of engineering. Lights illuminate from above, giving it a soft appearance, and oddly enough you don't feel any sort of shifting or noise while the elevator moves. El
ST 91st Floor Actually the 91st floor, it contains the Avengers' living quarters. There are suites for the members and several guest rooms for the other Avenger members and extended family, dining and living areas. El, 1
ST 02nd Floor The 92nd floor, this is the prime living quarters and suites meant to house the present Avengers team and keep them comfortable. It has a large living room area with plenty of room for all, a large painting of the earlier Avenger's team dominates one wall, and a glass door leads out to a large balcony, overlooking the city. A comfortable couch sits across from a massive flat screen TV, that rests on a wall across from it. A hall leads down to the kitchen and the suites that house the members of the team, as well as Jarvis the Butler. El, 2
ST 93rd floor Actually the 93rd Floor, this floor is considered to be the Avengers' actual headquarters. It contains computer banks, a communications center and a briefing room. The top floor contains the Main Conference Room where the Avengers are able to meet and plan about various things dealing with them. This floor also contains the hangar for the Avengers' Quinjet, a storage space and machine shop to repair the Quinjet. The Quinjet rests on a platforms that sits under the hatch located on the roof. El, 3
ST Carol's Room The moving-in process is a slow one, especially for a recently-returned fulltime Avenger. The brown cardboard boxes full of books and other personal belongs found throughout Carol's room reflect that. She has done little to personalize the space, though if one looks hard enough, may objects can be found that reveal fragments of the resident's personality and past. Several t-shirts and other clothing items bearing the logos of the US Air Force as well as NASA are hung in the closet or stuffed into dresser drawers, and first-edition copies of the books she's written sit on the bookshelf. A small stack of aviation and aerospace magazines rest on the bedside table, along with a leather-bound notebook and fountain pen. El, 1, C
ST Jen's Room XXX El, 1, J
ST Chris's Room XXX EL,2,CR
ST Peter's Room The large sized apartment that serves as home to the Parkers is decorated in earthy browns and greens, potted plants hang from the ceiling near the back wall, which is a huge many-paned window, with a tall glass door that leads out to the fire escape. Copies of the Daily Bugle are stacked up on the large coffee table that serves as the focal point of the room, the couch and chairs positioned around it. On the right wall, nearing the back, is the door which leads to the kitchen. On the left wall is the door leading to the bedroom and bathroom. EL,2,PR
ST Stark's Room Welcome to the penthouse apartment of Anthony Stark, it's a very comfortable series of rooms complete with a large canopied bed, taking up only a small fraction of the first room, and a hall leading off to another room with a small workshop and an advanced computer terminal. EL,2,StR
ST Steves's Room Steve Rogers' room in Stark Tower is pretty austere, as if the man who stays here only uses it occasionally. Still, what touches there are reflect its owner pretty well. A simple bed against one wall is meticulously squared away — it would probably send a quarter bouncing against the ceiling. There are only three pictures on the wall, two of them quite small. There's a print of the flag raising on Iwo Jima beside a simple photo of Alvin York along one wall, while opposite hangs a large (and the only color) photo depicting the early Avengers. In the picture, the Cap's striking a pose between the stern visage of Thor and the crude-looking Iron Man of the day. He looks very happy. The only other furniture in the room is a small dresser and a custom stand designed to hold his shield when he's not using it. EL,2,SR
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