Smith House

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Upon entering the Smith household, there isn't much that sets the entranceway apart from most other houses. Here, there is a mat with a few pairs of shoes on it. A few of them look like they belong to Stan, but they've never been worn, while others belong to his sister, Trisha. Moving into the livingroom is where things get interesting. The livingroom is full of expensive looking art pieces, as well as small machines that Stan has created that look cool enough to be put on display. The house is kept meticulously clean; no blanket, pillow, cushion or piece of furniture is at all out of place under normal circumstances. Many people who see this might assume that the owner of the house must have hired a cleaner, but sometimes, when things are messed up, cleaner bots come out of the wall to make sure everything is in order. The hardwood floor is protected from the furniture by some strategically placed ornate rugs.

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