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The door leading into the room form outside jingles with every new visitor, and one look around the it tells you everything; children frequent here on a daily basis. You can imagine that despite the amount of toys, papers and random items on the floor the staff does everything in their power to keep the place relatively clean. And to some extend they succeed, even though walls are covered in bright colours, with random rainbows arching up to the ceiling. Several hand prints can be seen making their way up the rainbows, yet none of them ever reach that high. Strangely enough not all of the hand prints are made out of coloured paint and one can wonder whether all of them were actually intentional. Following that theme, the tiny chair and table-littered floor carries a fuzzy carpet everywhere but the small kitchen corner, and has a different, bright colour around every few feet. Opposite of the kitchen and furthest away from the door stands a wooden desk with two chairs behind it, and the wall and door behind it are almost completely covered with pictures of various animals and shapes which obviously resemble human beings of some sort. Though the way they're lacking any coherent form or shape would have one question whether some of these drawings do not represent mutants instead. Logic would dictate that all the arts and crafts materials, plus the toys that are currently not out on the floor, are stored in the nearby wood-coloured closet. The lock seems sturdy and considering the amount of scrapes and scratches at the bottom it at least does a good job at keeping the children out of there. Next to that stand a few more rows of cabinets, carrying books of all sizes and shapes and stacks of brightly coloured paper, glue and writing or drawing materials.

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SB Playground Despite the many attempts at making this playground as homely and happy as possible, when one looks at the bigger picture it's somewhat preserved. High and thick brick walls fence off the playground, so high not even the tallest of human would be able to look over it even though it shows some signs of wear and tear in the lower parts. The few swings attached to a small wooden castle (complete with duo-glide slides!) make up for most of the small quarters, opposing a messy patch of green, where plants seem to have been randomly planted about, between plastic gardening tools and brightly coloured p
SB Upstairs A small room compared to the big space below it. Two small windows are in the middle of grey, bland walls that look like they haven't even been painted since construction. A two-person bed stands in a corner, and almost directly next to that a low, closed wooden closet and a cupboarded counter with a sink and a squeaky clean stove, almost as if nobody's actually making use of it. A white door leads to a positively tiny and windowless bathroom, toilet and curtain shower inside it. u
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