Sanctum Sanctorum

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When the day came for Stephen Strange to leave and restart his own life the Ancient One pointed him towards a very special Victorian-style house on 177A Bleecker Street in bohemian Greenwich Village. On the corner of Bleecker Street and Fenno Place. There was, of course a reason why the Ancient One picked this particular house. The site was a focal point on which magical rituals were done for centuries past. The Sanctum Sanctorum is a beautiful house to behold, with an intricately decorated window near the top that makes this house unique. Once you pass through the threshold you can feel a tingling in the air, something seems almost to crackle in the atmosphere. Still the house is beautiful within, with grandstairs going up to the upper levels, a parlor and hall that leads off to the kitchen and furnishings that date back many years. Still if you search you'd also find rooms that are for meditation, scrying and conjuration. The house seems larger on the inside if possible, and it keeps the will of it's master regardless of who enters, so be on your best behaviour.

Locations within

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SS 2nd Floor This long hallway seems to go off for more then the actual length of the house, an illusion possibly? The floor is carpeted a deep red, and pictures of various landscapes, some mundane and some fantastical dot the walls, along with a bust of a regal asian man, The Ancient One. Several doors line the hall but where they lead is anyones guess, still the door at the end is most likely the master bedroom. u
SS Master Bedroom This bedroom is opulent and yet simple in many ways, a large canpoied bed dominates most of the room, with a simple polished wooden dresser nearby. The whole room is a beautiful red color, but if you look carefully there are delicate marks all about the room within the color of the walls. A writing table and chair sit near a window overlooking the street below, all and all it has a calming feeling of tranquility. u,mb
SS Guest Bedroom This room is kept in very pristine condition and is a simple green in color, from the carpeting on the floor, to the paint along the walls that give the impression of being in a forest, because of it's sponged appearance. The bed is large and very comfortable, with a soft mattress and equally soft pillows in a dark green and black pattern, that appear almost asian in manner. A picture of birds in a tree sits near the bed and if you look at it long enough you might think they were moving. A window gives a fine view of the city outside, without any of the noise blaring in from below. u,gb
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