Salem Center

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Salem Center is a small hamlet, one of the last of its kind in Weschester
County. Most of the buildings are historic; there are only a handful of shops
in the town's center, all of the general store variety. Houses radiate
outwards from the town in all directions, grand buildings surrounded by several
acres of open land. The roads are more often used for horses than cars, as
virtually everyone keeps a horse or two at least; raised game birds such as
pheasants and quail make appearances every now and then, as do model rockets
shooting through the sky overhead. Tourists pass through quite often, at all
times of the year, armed with cameras and camcorders to drink in all of the
town's rustic sights.

Local name Description Nav Command
Grind Stone Salem Center's sole coffee shop, the Grind Stone does quite well for itself. People flock to it at all hours of the day, seeking both caffeine and company.The floor is covered with tiles of an alternating white and deep green; wooden chairs with green seats huddle around polished oak tables, and a few booths of similar design line the walls. Large windows, kept spotlessly clean, allow patrons to look out upon Salem Center - and attract many passersby with enticing glimpses of the food and beverages within. A handful of potted plants add yet more green to the atmosphere, ontrasting with white-painted walls - though the walls themselves are a little dingy, marked by the years. The air is redolent with the scent of coffee, and conversations fill the room at all times. Waiters bustle about the room, attending their customers, for this is not a simple coffee shop - it is the core of Salem Center's social life, and pulls in more than enough business to afford its customers a few luxuries. gs
Notes 'n' Rhythm Notes 'n' Rhythm is a reasonably large music shop with a large selection of all things music. Whatever your need, drums, guitar, reeds, sheet music… Notes n' Rhythm probably has it or knows just where the closest place you can get it. As you enter the store, the first thing seen is a wall of pictures which show the owners of the store, past and present hanging out with various local music celebrities that have stopped by this store at some point or another. Across from this wall would be the cash register resting on a glass counter displaying the higher priced items. Behind the register near the office door is a trophey case which displays an assortment of random stuff, including a drum stick signed by slain Black Mariah drummer and solo artist, Mike Hannigan (Who at one point has been rumored to haunt this store occasionally) , a saxophone reed box signed by David Bowie, and many other celebrity endorsed memrobilia items (which are not for sale. ) Further into the store is a series of doors to one side of the store, each of these doors lead into sound proofed practice rooms from which lessons are given and the occasional band may request a place to practice. (As to the price of use, it depends on the negotiations of those particular people wishing to use it.) nr
Mills Road Leading south and west from Salem Center, Mills Road travels around the south side of the Titicus Reservoir. Glimpses of the expanse of water can be caught between stands of pine, maple, fir and oak. Grass and weeds grow along the road, and in some places on it; small cracks riddle the pavement, and the painted lines are old and faded. mr
Titicus Reservoir Northeast End A forest of pines and firs, with the occasional oak and maple mixed in,stretches down almost to the water's edge. The beach is rocky, covered with gray and brown pebbles, most of a size comfortable for skipping across the reservoir's surface. Dirt trails wind through the forest and across the beach, many marked with the prints of horseshoes; this is a favorite place for the citizens of Salem Center to ride their horses, though bicyclists and hikers can also be found around the reservoir. mr, tr
Titicus Reservoir North Side The northern side of Titicus Reservoir is thickly forested with firs and oaks, pines and maples. This forest stretches for a half-mile to the north before even the first houses, and a full mile before the first major road and any real human habitation. It is cut by hiking and riding trails, but little else, a place left largely to its own devices. The trees reach to the water's edge, a beach composed of rocks large and small. mr, tr, ns
Abandoned Mine Half-hidden behind a fallen stone, not far from the silver trickle of a noisy tream, is a rough hole in the mountainside. The black mouth is just large enough for a person to slide through, but it opens into a shaft they could walk upright in - and, once upon a time, did. Though the floor of the entrance is often mucky and damp, the deeper tunnel dries out quickly, offering solid stone underfoot. The walls are uneven, irregular, decorated only by pickaxe marks and the questing fingers of tree roots. In the gloom that fills the mine, even those cannot be readily seen - and those are all there is. Whatever mineral was once excavated here, is here no longer; only the scents of those creatures who have taken refuge here in the past, seeking shelter from summer heat, winter chill, or storm's fury, can be found in the mine now. mr, tr, ns, u
Cemetery An old and rather large cemetary spreads out before you, it's now long since abandoned, as the land has been used up to house all the dead. No longer cared for it seems to have fallen into disrepair and several of the tombstones are smashed the graves they belonged to appear to have been dug up and their occupants removed. A perpetual gloom hangs in the air, and you feel it difficult to catch your breath, and despite the time of year it is always feels numbingly cold within it's darker recesses. Vague and unidentified shadows seem to lurk everywhere and vanish just as quickly, even as you feel a nameless dread while you walk along one of the few remaining paths towards the largest crypt. mr, cem, cr
Cemetery The crypt walls are damp and covered with slime, while the smell of mildew and decay wafts into your nostrils .A perpetual darkness seems to seep out of the very walls, as if they themselves have been infused with an essence of darkness. No light seems to penetrate through the darkness and it seems to even swallow up and hint of light. As you step over the threshold several markings on the walls glow briefly, a faint bluish tinge and then fade.The sound of scraping can be heard from across the room and a low moan fills your ears. mr, cem
Warrick Estate Before you stands a red brick wall with a large wrought iron gate. To the left of the gate, an apple tree that grows inside the gate has grown over the wall. Some of the branches hang low over the wall, hanging beside those branches is a sign. It reads: "The apples are okay to pick, but don't eat too many at once! Nathan says that will make you sick, worse than influenza. Worse than pneumonia! Worse than…other Bad Stuff! So just a couple at a time, okay kids? Hope Xavier's is fun!" mr, we
Warrick Estate Front Yard Inside the gate sprawls the front yard. A lawn of deep green grass with a few trees here and there, most notably the apple tree by the outer wall, it is split by a path that leads to the house. This path diverges to lead around the house to the backyard. A bench swing hangs on the front porch with a wicker rocking chair near by, a small table sits between them. On the ground around the porch is a line of purple lobellia plants to add a touch of color. mr, we,fy
Warrick Estate Living Room The centerpiece of this room is the large, deep purple couch that sits a few feet off from the right wall. Behind it is a pair of desks and desk chairs. On the desks feather pens sit near inkwells and stacks of old-looking paper. In front of the couch is a long coffee table, in front of which sits a pair of floor pillows. Heavy, thick curtains cover the windows and the wide glass door that leads to the back of the house. The room is all cool colors, all blues and greens and purples, soothing and comfortable. mr, we,fy,gi
Warrick Estate Kitchen Cabinets line the left wall of the kitchen, in two layers, one layer up near the ceiling, the other off the floor. A counter tops the lower set giving the room ample work space. On the right wall is the dual sink, the refrigerator and the stove, separated by more countertops. At the back of the room is a small nook, a table with benches for casual dining. mr, we,fy,gi,k
Warrick Estate Hall The hall that leads to all the smaller rooms of the house is long and a bit wide. Along the walls are framed pieces of art, tapestries, sculptures on small pedestals, for decoration. There are several doors on either side of the hall, one stands out clearly as there is a painted sign declaring the word 'DIBS!' hanging on it. mr, we,fy,gi, h
Warrick Estate Charlotte's Rooml The walls, floor and ceiling of this room have been painted a deep purple with a replica of the night sky in summer, constellations all in white paint so they stick out. In one corner hangs a hammock, which Charlie prefers to a traditional bed. There is a dresser in another corner, painted in that same purple with the tail end of a constellation across it. Other than those items, there is nothing else taking up space in the room, the majority of it wide open and spacious. Of course, there is also a walk-in closet in one wall, where some of her clothes and most of her nick-nacks are kept. mr, we,fy,gi, h,cr
Warrick Estate Library This room holds the Warrick's collection of books. Anything from texts on ancient runes to books of spells to classics like Jane Austen or Charles Dickens to the entire collection of the Sweet Valley High series. Bookcases line the walls from floor to ceiling and in the middle of the room is a long wooden table and chairs, usually with at least a few books laying haphazardly on it. There is one section of one shelf of one bookcase that is free of books to make room for a bust of Beethoven. A little homage to the composer. mr, we,fy,gi, h,lib
Warrick Estate Nathan's Room XXX mr, we,fy,gi, h,nr
Warrick Estate Back Yard The Warrick's back yard sits on the edge of a forest. Thick clumps of trees gather on just the other side of the wall. In the wall there is a small, wooden door that leads out into that forest. There is a back porch as well, on which sits a pair of low, wooden chairs and a matching table. On either side of the porch, there is a trellis on the walls of the house, sturdy enough to climb on. mr, we,fy,ab
Xavier Institute If someone were to drive along the Greymalkin Lane, they would surely see the Xavier's Institute. Believed to be a place for academically gifted students to recieve quality education for their beautiful minds. The school itself is a front for its true purpose, to teach young mutants to control their mutant abilities and be able to go on with their lives, knowing that their powers will not control themselves. The mansion itself is quite expansive, covering forty plus acres of land, the forested ares spans for much of the grounds. From the front one could see students studying, enjoying the weather, or simply enjoying a nice game of frisbee or hackey-sack. The long drive leads to the garage, where one could see several cars parked, and a few motorcycles as well. The gravel paved walkway from the drive leads to a massive wooden door, complete with door loops, and even a big brass knocker. mr, xi
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