Roleplay Logs

Anyone can add logs and nobody is required to via wiki, but please use the template provided by selecting it from the drop-down menu when you create the page.

Some players also log via journals, This is the hub page! - For your convenience, the bugle does what it can to friend the character livejournals so you can get the logs in one place.

Note: It's always polite (but not entirely necessary) to ask the other players participating in the scene if they have any objections to making it public.

March 2010

Date Time Title Participants
3/06 Afternoon Welcome Home Jackson, Rene and Sunset
3/11 Afternoon Pretty Boys Rene and Rich
3/13 Early Night What's Shaking Chase, Hollow and Rene
3/15 Afternoon Somebody Pinch Me Hopper, Rene and Zachery
3/22 Afternoon Do Not Disturb Rene and Sunset
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