Richard Francis Malone
Played By Johnathan Rhys-Meyers
Codename Phantasm
Birthdate September 12
Age 21
Birthplace New York, NY
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Affiliation Xavier's Institute, Recalibration
Short Powers Dream seer and projectionist
Offsite Logs Livejournal

Rich has found himself in quasi-celebrity dom as he has been rumored to be dating pop star Aurora McCloud. He is active in the music scene as a budding solo artist and one of the former front men of the ill-fated band, Recalibration. He also works over at Golem Studios, located in Chelsea as a studio session drummer from time to time and lends a hand with the Xavier School music and drama courseload from time to time. Other than that he is usually found frequenting the kitchen and music room at Xavier's, and the Notes 'n Rhythm music supply store in Salem Center.


Brown, slightly wavy hair that varies in length depending on when he remembers to have a haircut. Currently his hair is nearing shoulder length. Does remember to shave most of the time. Sculpted lips which give almost a feminine quality to his slightly angular facial features. (which coincidentally would be a good motivation for a haircut if he was in a different career field) Reasonably trim. Extremely light blue eyes which can give a the feeling of them just looking through the viewer.


Stage 1: Projecting own dream persona into waking world
Stage 2: Seeing other person's dreams
Stage 3: Projecting elements of other people's dreams into waking world


Although born with a slight learning disability, Francine Alberta Smith grew up knowing she could do better than her parents and that that setback would not stop her. Studying hard for school and working any free moment she had, she pretty much gave up any form of social life.
But the years of sacrifice paid off in the form of a partial scholarship and work study agreement with the college. After six years of grueling studies, she emerged with a masters in Library Sciences. She was the first in her family to leave college with any form of degree to show for it. And she took much pride in this.
Somewhere during the building of her career, she met a nice military man named William who was still very much in the being transferred all over the place. They maintained correspondence through the mail. But as much as she grew to love him, she couldn’t stand the idea of whatever work she accomplished to advance herself in the *heh* competitive world of Library management, she refused at first when he asked her to marry him. It wasn’t until the point was made that she was NOT moving that she agreed.

December 7th, 1988, Francine Smith and William Malone were married. Paired together, they honeymooned in Hawaii and set forth into making the 7th once again a day of infamy. And so, Rich was created and delivered 9 months, 5 days later.

As Francine’s husband found himself transferred from fort to fort, Francine found herself a voluntary single parent. And so, Rich became the most precious thing in her life. Even after finding out that Rich’s slowness was due to dyslexia, Francine took it in stride. Working whenever she could with Rich to overcome this obstacle. Challenges and everything, she was happy.

Then she found out about her husband’s infidelity. Despite this, she and William remained ‘together’ at least on paper. He continued his career in the military and she continued with her work at the library. Rich became her means of measuring her success in life. When he did well, she rejoiced, and when he did badly, she did not. There was a lot of pressure put on him.

Rich, being a child, wished to do no more than act the part of one. And would often protest when Francine would try working with him. When his grades came back low, she'd lecture him. Left with a cheating husband and quite possibly, in her view, the laziest child on earth, Francine gradually became more and more bitter. Lectures led to insults, insults led to tirades. Her perceived value of Rich diminished with time.

And in that old adage about ‘misery loves company’ Rich ended up following as well into the bitter mindset. When she berated, he’d stew over the words that grew more and more demeaning with each passing day. He learned not to talk back to her. Oh no. Mom’s scary when she’s pissed off. No point in making her even more so. He just held it back and let it loose on the first non-mom that aggravated him, verbally and sometimes physically. Upon the manifestation of his ability which resulted in his dream persona smashing his mom's dishes, his mom initially was just angry. Upon finding out that there was mutancy involved, she disowned him. That being the final straw that made her perception of him as worthless.

He eventually ended up at Xavier's where the time away from his family has improved Rich's mindset somewhat. Although there will likely be some lasting damage to his personality traits due to his upbringing.

IC Occurrences:

January 2007
- Knocked out of tree, asked out by Canvas, disoriented Rich says yes. Crap. He's got a girlfriend now.
- On date with Canvas, runs into homicidal teleporter who has grudge with girlfriend. Somehow this results in him being teleported and trapped in a rain dimension.

February 2007
- Pulled out of rain dimension by mystic, gets sick from the prolonged exposure to rain and floating corpses in rain dimension, gets better.
- Runs into friend from a past life, Oz who is in the body of Angelika . Finds out he was murdered rock drummer, Mike Hannigan last lifetime.

March 2007
- Avoids taking medications when already overdue for a treatment due to using the excess time for a multi-day search for girlfriend, Canvas.

April 2007
- With help of Storm, rescues Canvas
- Pills side effects of being trapped in REM cycles as medicine wears off allows for Rich to be plagued with nightmares of his past life's murder
- Due to increasing violence of dream, breaks up with Canvas as a protective measure
- In hopes of avoiding side effect of medication, switches to a specialized herbal tea made by Sunset to get the same effect. Has a chat with his inner Mike Hannigan, finds out who Mike's murderer was, Mike's former bandmate, Frank Gellar
- Visits Frank Gellar for a 'chat'. Gellar turns self in for murder the next day.
- Gets back together with Canvas

May 2007
- Rich having blackout periods where instead of sleeping it appears Mike has been moving around for him.
- Mike and Rich come to terms, makes arrangements to co-exist in the same body

June 2007
- Picks up subbing job as drummer in club run by Mike Hannigan's widow in order to recruit a guitarist for his band.
- Mike Hannigan visits his widow.

July 2007
- Stage 2 manifests in the middle of a club. During period of disorientation ended up with Hannigan widow trying to seduce him, End result is of Canvas dumping him

August 2007
- Starts private lessons with Emma to rebuild mental shielding as well learn how to wield powers effectively.

September 2007
- Meets pop princess Aurora McCloud, has a turn about in her head several times and initiates contact during one of these moments
- Tabloids start speculating on a relationship between Rich and Aurora

November 2007
- With assistance of Julien, Zachery possesses Rich's body, body regained within days.

December 2007
- Joins up with Jackson in effort to bring about a benefit concert for mutant political prisoners

February 2008
- Takes part in rescue mission to help Jackson and Rene; with the help of Angel and Kaji helps start a town wide religious revival in the process

March 2008
- A Phantasm Bunny gives Iron Man an Easter Basket of Beer. Great going, Frank.
- A giant Bunny Peep meets it's demise in Chelsea

May 2008
-7th: Rich's best friend and band mate, Oz is murdered in a bar.
-18th: in wake of band mate's death and Rich's supposed relationship to pop princess Aurora, The remaining members of the band are offered record deals, Rich is the only one who opts to make a multi-record deal.
-27th: Rich starts off his summer of music promotions, interviews, and concerts.

May 2009
- Rich graduates from Xavier's
- More music promotions

September 2009
- Starts helping out with the Xavier's School Music and Drama courseload.

February 2010
- Recording session interrupted by Oz with news of being back from the dead

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