Rene D'Allemagne
Rene Gauthier D'Allemagne
Played By N/A
Codename Ghostflower
Birthdate September 3rd
Age 24
Birthplace Nice, France
Alignment Neutral Good
Affiliation Various
Short Powers Earth Magic; Flora/Agrokinesis
Offsite Logs N/A

A young sorcerer living in New York City, Rene tries to be a neutral force to the people around him; overall, a mediator with a borderline alignment. He freely associates with many groups and individuals, and keeps in close contact with many of his magician peers. Rene owns and operates the Albus Corvus Fleuriste in Greenwich Village. He lives in the apartment above the shop.


At just over 5'7" and around 140 lbs, this mage isn't exactly the biggest physical threat, but he's quite the scrapper. He is slender and fit, and has an almost ethereal quality to his presence. With his soft, light skin, slender hands and fine features, he is startlingly elfin, though does possess enough handsome masculinity in his face to mark him as a grown man; he has a naturally regal sort of facial structure, with a straight nose and effeminate lips. Bright blue eyes glance about from below a thin-browline, and his soft, light blonde hair surrounds his head and envelops most of his back. Sometimes it is styled, though mostly loose; he often dresses quite fashionably, and tries to remain casual without seeming to disregard his appearance. He has some piercings that he wears intermittently; jewelry is not uncommon. In general appearance, the young man is very versatile, being the size and shape he is. He smells of flowers often, though sometimes to the trained nose one can find something masculine. On his upper back and shoulders is a white ink tattoo of a spread-winged raven. He often carries a cane made from rowan, the spherical handle embedded in the top is made of high quality lapis lazuli. Ghostflower is dressed in a shiny black, skin tight, light armored suit, with a long, liquid-black cloak clasped by a silver flower. Another silver flower acts as his belt buckle, and his belt is silver and contains some compartments, as well as a hoop wherein he keeps either his cane or a blade. His boots are side-buckled, and when not the cold season long-sleeves, he wears fingerless black gloves with the sleeveless turtleneck top of his suit. The last piece is a black butterfly mask.

Power Basics:

Earth Magic Basics
-Plant Empathy: Can sense and 'feel' plants, and various states, or 'moods' of live plants. In the same way, they seem to sense when he is nearby.
-Florakinesis: Speeding the growth of flora and manipulating the results. This is easier when near water and sunlight, though neither is needed. Nor is pure soil when possible. Also, he is able to kill plants, but refrains himself from doing so. Sometimes they are grown so much they can develop more animated 'personalities' in response to his presence. He can also grow a plant also from only a piece of it, by reasserting the layout of the piece; another route is breeding plants through manipulation to get what he wants from them naturally. He can create objects and formations out of plants to a certain degree, such as simple weapons and simple moving constructs that he has to consistently control.
-Manipulation of Inner Matter: Most things made of plants he can manipulate to a small degree. For example: The expunging of cocaine from his system, personal alcoholic detoxification, regrowth of dead wood, etc.
-Poisoning: If the plant in his control has poisonous properties, these may be extracted into physical poisons. Poisons vary from plant to plant, from rash-causing irritations, sleep, all the way to even paralysis.
-Healing: If the plant in use has herbaceous healing properties, these may be used, and also amplified by the growth syndrome . Healing varies from wound-healing amplifiers to natural antidotes for small-scale infections.

Rene is able to use other magic to far lesser degrees, but he does not mess with things if he can help it. Rene also has a limited 'connection' to the magical realms, and can often identify magic, sense it, etc. More of a Magician's Sense than anything else.

Trivia and Notes:

  • Due to injuries sustained during his recent 'globetrotting', Rene had to use a cane in helping himself to walk; he still carries it, though it is only partly out of need, and mostly habit. His injuries left scars that can be covered with clothing, and some few-and-far-between days when he has not rested properly or has overexerted himself, they can still bother him. The cane is made of sturdy polished rowan wood, and the top knob has a sphere of lapis lazuli embedded into it.
          • He has some mild stress problems stemming from his experiences; in a way, a simpler version of PTSD, but bad when it gets rolling.
  • Rene is mildly ambidextrous, mostly depending on what he is doing at the time.
  • Quite the swordsman. There is actually a blade inside of his cane, only accessible through his ability if he does not use the rowan itself. Otherwise, as alter-egos or for show, he may carry an actual longsword or sabre.
  • Speaks English and French fluently; his English speech has a touch of an accent. Rene also knows a handful of elder languages for pragmatic purposes, though they are not at such fluent levels as his primary two.
  • Rene does have an outstanding and rather professional singing voice, and perfect pitch. He also plays the piano, though only at a more amateur level- he's no Mozart, but he can play some nice music on it.
  • Drives an azure blue, modded 2009 Ducati Monster. Vroom!
  • Want a totally questionable plant? Or something of the sort? He's got some funky things in the back.

Nicholas Hooper - In Noctem
Peter Auty - Walking In The Air
Libera - I Am The Day
Libera - A Song Of Enchantment
Libera - When A Knight Won His Spurs
Libera - Sanctus (Canon in D)
Goo Goo Dolls - I'm Still Here
Hunchback of Notre Dame - God Help The Outcasts(French Version)
Anastasia - Once Upon a December(French Version)
Mulan - I'll Make A Man Out Of You
Phil Harris - Thomas O'Malley
E.S. Posthumus - Lepcis Magna
E.S. Posthumus - Nara
E.S. Posthumus - Arise
Mozart - Moonlight Sonata
Tchaikovsky - Swan Lake
Rufus Wainwright - Complainte de la Butte
Madeline Peyroux - J'ai Deux Amours
Madeline Peyroux - Dance Me To The End Of Love
Final Fantasy 7 - Black Wing Metamorphosis(One-Winged Angel Remix)
Final Fantasy 7 - Deliverance of the Heart(Heart of Anxiety Remix)
Final Fantasy 7 - Cosmo Canyon
Chrono Symphonic - To Far Away Times
Darksugar178 - Chrono Cross Theme
Darksugar178 - Battle With Magus
The White Stripes - We're Going To Be Friends
Grace Bawden - Flower Duet
All Angels - Angels
Kate Covington - Istumo Nando Demo
Kate Covington - Lilium
Kate Covington - The Place I'll Return to Someday
Kate Covington - Lament Of The Highborne
Richard Gere - Razzle Dazzle
Sarah McLachlan - Angel
Yelle - Les Femmes
Edith Piaf - La Vie En Rose
Patricia Kaas - D'Allemagne
Billy Boyd - The Edge Of Night
Meryl Streep - Gartan Mother's Lullaby
Flogging Molly - If I Ever Leave This World Alive
The Fellowship of the Ring - Council of Elrond
Enya - May It Be
Aerosmith - Fly Away From Here
Hellogoodbye - Here (In Your Arms)

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