Purple Moon

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The jingle of chimes rings through the front of the store can be heard as soon as the door is opened. Once steping aside the small shop is quite packed with a lot of merchandiese. On the right hand wall by the window are various incences for sale, then jars and jar of what looks like dried leaves and other componetes, white labes with stuff like Sage, Iron Shavings, Juiper, and Cedar and written on them are stuck to the front of each glass container. Further down the wall are candles for all different types of things. Some saying stuff like love or wealth, and others just sorted by colour. Below the candles are many oils of many different scents. The wall ends with a book case turned sideways, as if to form a makeshift back room. On the book shelf are many gargoyles, faeries, egyption gods, angels and other such figures. The entire other wall is lined with books, covering many topics. The occult, gems, ruins, religion, magical creatures, zodiac, tarot, and fantasy art books just to name a few. In the center of the store there are two tables, one filled with a varity of gems and jewlery, the other is a close case with wands, daggers, swords, mirrors and other spell aids. At the counter an old cash register with the numbers that pop up on squares sits there. There is also a varity of tarot desk that you have to ask the clerk on duty to get you. Behind the counter there are many drawers and a few cabinets further back, all closed. If they contain back stock or other trinkets not on the floor is unknown. There is a bookshelf one can see, packed fully with what looks like large ancient books, tomes even.

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