PB Actor List

If you're trying to determine whether a character name is taken, your best bet is to log in and try to 'find <name>' or '+finger <name>'; some chars exist on the game under their codename rather than given name.

Characters by Codename
Characters by First Name
Characters by Last Name

Alecia Moore (Pink) = Sarah Obenhouse
Alexis Bledel - Hopper Midgley
Anna Paquin - Anna-Marie D'acanto
Chance Crawford - Iolaus Saavedro
Colin Farrell - Oz Delaney
Gabriel Aubrey - Warren Worthington III
Heather Carolin - Sabrielle Harris
J. K. Simmons - James Jonah Jameson
Jason Wiles - Gregory Young
Jeremy Sumpter - Jackson Holland
Jonathan Rhys-Myers - Richard Malone
Justin Hartley - Julien Tessier
Michael C Hall - Dirk Bobbins
Mitch Hewer - Angie Connolly
Naomi Watts - Bridget Mendel
Natalie Dormer - Vanessa Morrison-Bennett
Nikka Costa - Sunset Rains
Ron Perlman - Trevor Scott Johner
Wentworth Miller - Andy Grant

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