Oz Delaney
Osmand Delaney
Portrayed By Colin Farrell
Gender/Species Male/Human (Genetically Enhanced)
Date of Birth May 15, 1960
Age 24
Aliases Oz
Place of Birth Dublin, Ireland
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Mechanic/Aspiring Rock God
Known Relatives Sunset Rains (Surrogate older sister/mother figure), Angelika Bennett (Surrogate little sister), Brianna Delaney (Little sister, deceased), Patrick Delaney (Father, deceased), Caitlin Delaney (Mother, deceased)
Significant Other Sabrielle
Known Abilities Super strength/Resistance to Injury
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History (Work in Progress)

Oz was born on a large, somewhat underkept farm in the outskirts of Dublin in 1960, to a loving mother and not so loving father. Patrick Delaney was sadly the stereotypical angry drunk. He beat his wife, and when he felt Oz was old enough, the boy too received regular beatings when he felt his son deserved them. It's this that started the lifelong hatred in Oz for his father, and the deep resentment he would feel for anyone that would willingly hurt a women or child. What really inset these feelings though, was the death of Oz's little sister, Brianna. Brianna was born when Oz was barely past three, Oz helping his mother with the baby whenever he could. He was extremely protective of his little sister, doing his best to keep their father focused on him once Brianna reached the same age he had started receiving his father's abuse.

However, while the boy did the best he could to protect his sister, it wasn't enough. When Oz was seven, and Brianna four, Cormac went into one of his rages after losing an extreme amount of money on a football game. Oz ended up with a heavy concussion and a broken arm, while Brianna ended up with such extreme injuries that she died at the hospital. The official story told to the hospital and police was that the kids had been playing near the top of the stairs and accidentally fell down them. Enya, the children's mother, was too frightened of Cormac to tell the truth, and Oz's word couldn't be trusted for his concussion. The story was accepted without any further investigation.

It was after this that Oz became a heavily rebellious and problem child. He also became highly protective of his mother. He constantly challenged his father to keep Cormac's attention away from Enya, trying to fight back when possible. Over the years, he became better at fighting back as he became older and stronger, not only fighting with his father, but getting in fights in and out of school. By the time he turned fifteen, Oz had become expelled from three different schools. It was then that he finally dropped out, instead taking up a job as a mechanic in Dublin. Taking this chance of newfound freedom to be away from home as much as he could, when he felt it was safe to leave his mother alone, Oz began sneaking into the nightlife that Dublin was famous for.

By the time he turned eighteen, Oz's reputation was infamous in the nightlife of Dublin. He was known for his skill in fighting, his excellent singing voice, his luck with women and his skill in the bedroom. He had been in trouble with the police many times, though luck and a bit of charm with female officers got him off with usually no more than warnings.

However, while things in his social life were great, his home life had gotten worse and worse over the years. While Patrick had quit threatening his wife, considering that Oz now had enough power to easily outmatch him in a fight, there was still a constant uneasy tension in the home, fueled by Oz's hated for his father and protection for his mother, along with Patrick's contempt at his son for having the ability to overpower him. It wasn't a surprise when the tension snapped for the worse.

Coming home one night, sporting a tattoo and a fresh eyebrow piercing, the body modifications were enough reason for Cormac to punish his son as he saw fit. Catching Oz off guard, and ripping the barbell from his face, the fight soon escalated to epic proportions. Blinded by pain, rage, and years of built up hatred, Oz grabbed the nearest thing he could, a shovel, and hit Patrick in the head hard enough to instantly kill him.

It only took a moment to realize exactly what had happened, though it wasn't regret that Oz felt about what had just happened. It was mostly mostly worry, for himself, and his mother if he was convicted for this. Doing the only thing he could think to do, Oz hid the body and went to tell his mother what happened.

Timeline (Work in Progress)

  • May 15, 1960 - Born.
  • August 19, 1967 - Little sister is killed by their father.
  • October 9, 1975 - Drops out of school.
  • April 24, 1978 - Kills his father.


Oz can lift up to two and a half tons with minimal effort, and is more resistant to injury than a normal person, thanks to his body being genetically enhanced by Otto Octavius.


  • "Bleedin' fuckin' deadly."


  • Lead singer of the band Recalibration.
  • Plays guitar.
  • Drives a 1998 Harley-Davidson FXSTC.
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