Norman Osborn AKA Green Goblin
Norman Osborn
Played By
Codename The Green Goblin
Birthdate October 31, 1953
Age 53
Birthplace New York, New York
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Short Powers Super strength, speed, reflexes intelligence; retarded aging; skin bulletproof to small arms fire; regenerative abilities; glider; bombs; shurikens; gloves that fire energy
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From out of a face covered in a green mask, maniacal orange eyes stare out. The 'man' before you is covered in what appear to be green scales, with long, pointy 'elf like' ears. He seems compact and yet strong, but not in the way that body builders look strong - more like a coiled spring ready to be let loose at any second, often twitching this way and that.
His clothing is fairly simple - a purple tunic, purple cloth shoes, and purple gloves with pointy, almost blade like fingers cover all the important parts of his body, while over his head he wears a purple stocking cap. The overall effect of this is that… he looks… well, nearly completely insane.


Super strength, speed, and reflexes. Super intelligence, retarded aging, skin bulletproof to small-arms fire while under the effects of the serum, minor regenerative abilities. (He never stays dead for long.) Equipped with goblin glider, pumpkin bombs, homing razor bat shurikens, and gloves capable of firing concentrated beams of energy.


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