Nondescript Warehouse

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Located on a small pier along the Harlem River, this large building sits alone and may appear abandoned at first glance. From the outside, the building has no distinguishing characteristics. Even upon entering, the area seems like a mundane storage facility. At closer inspection, however, this warehouse is anything but ordinary. Well-armed security guards are strategically placed inside and a computerized security system monitors every inch of the compound. Seemingly endless rows of ammunition and weaponry crates line the interior of the facility. Three rooms line the back wall. One appears to be an office of some sort. Another is used for ballistics testing, visible through a large plexiglass window. The third is locked with no way to see inside, though the entrance is marked with a "Danger" sign. Upon careful inspection, it appears that the entire facility is fitted with counter-measures, including large amounts of C4 strapped to the beams and girders that hold the building together.

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