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  • This is a journal run by Jonah player where articles that players post in the IC news bboards on the games are copied over to here and tagged for easier reference and if Jonah has time, formatted in HTML to make them look pretty.
  • If something you feel has occurred that is newsworthy in game and you do not wish to make the bboard article yourself, you may request Jonah to put one up for you. But be prepared to provide Jonah with the details of What, When, and Where with the possibility of follow up questions regarding Who and Why.
  • The type of article made depends heavily on Jonah's availability and the amount of information provided.

Inside Eye - Online Gossip Column



February 2010

  • Mendel Clinic opens its doors
  • Murder in Clinton, assailent identified as 'Creed'
  • Two years dead rocker, Oz Delaney spotted in Golem Studios alive and well
  • Nathan Matthews, a suspected FoHer, reported missing by employer

March 2010

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