Natural History Museum

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Upon entering the Muesum of Natural History, you see an enormous Tyranosaurus Rex, the largest ever found, on the name plates facing both the doors and the museum inside the Tyranosaurus' name is listed as; Emma. The two story complex includes pieces on the history of Egypt, Roman history, Greek history, and of course, American history. The grand museum is decorated with wonderful marble, and gold trimmings, on the first floor, is a room marked; Curator's Office, Dr. Valmont Christensen Ph.D. Next to that office is the other Curator's office; Dr. Henry Christensen. Dr. Valmont Christensen can be seen often walking the halls and checking up on the artifacts.

Locations within

Local name Description Nav Command
Valmont's Office The heavy door opens to reveal Valmont's office, a grand circle of an office, with bookshelves extending two stories, containing many pieces of historical literature, not entirely noticable though it is there, spreading on the floor is a massive pentagram, encompassing the center, though on ewould have to look real hard from high on the catwalk to see it. A semi-circle desk is close to the wall, facing the large door, and a nameplate attached says, 'Dr. Valmont Christensen, PhD. The entire room is decorated in an old world fashion, with reds and dark woods aplenty. vo
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