Morlock Tunnels

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Having higher ceilings than the connecting tunnels, this room seems alot less suffocating. A manhole in the ceiling can be reached with a black, rusty ladder that rides up one wall, and haphazard furniture is scattered about. A ruddy but comfortable looking grey sofa, a few cheap chairs, and some crates to sit on. A faucet pokes out of one of the uneven walls, dripping every so often on some soft moss that grows below it. Wires make their way out from the walls at either ends of the room, and from them hang occasionally flickering lightbulbs. Most of them have at least one moth friend.
In one corner, a few opened crates are piled up, and offer some loot in the form of canned food and loose vegetables and fruit. The tunnel takes a sharp turn near the end of this room, and it's there that a pair of dented, metal doors are welded to the walls, the ones you'd see leading to a kitchen in a restaurant. That's probably where they're missing some, aswell.
Please note: The Morlock tunnels are often used as a gathering spot for homeless mutants, regardless whether they are a member of the Morlocks or not. Therefore, all the non-personal rooms will have a number of people present at all times, doing their own thing. Feel free to NPC where wanted.

Locations within

Local name Description Nav Command
Morlock Tunnels - Crash Room This room carries a myriad of thin mats, military cots, matresses and in a corner even stands a one-person bed. numerous blankets of all colours and shapes are usually piled up in a corner, and some of the sleeping spots are bound to be occupied by random, mutant stragglers of NYC. No matter what time of day it is. cr
Morlock Tunnels - Callisto's Room At first glance, this cramped, low-ceilinged room appears to be naught but a dingy extension of the catacombs- its walls are a grimy greenish-grey, and badly in need of upkeep. A dilapidated twin-sized bed lies along the length of the right-hand wall, with an iron-barred headboard directly adjacent to the back wall. The dark green bedspread (to match the moss creeping clandestinely out of every corner) is tattered almost beyond recognition. There is a crude niche carved into the wall above the iron headboard, housing a weirdly-shaped golden candelabrum with its base resting atop a thin, tattered crimson cushion. Three of its five candles are currently lit, providing the primary source of light in this otherwise dark enclosure. Faintly outlined on the wall opposite the bed is an impressive array of hunting horns (one sporting a large crack running through the middle) and knives. Also visible in the wan candlelight are various relics of the occult, stacked in a seemingly random clutter about the enclosure - such eccentric paraphernalia as a pair of dried chicken's legs dangling from the ceiling, a large ebony crystal, three gargoyle-headed canopic jars aligned near the foot of the bed, a purple jug labeled "Astarte Salts" lying upended by the door, and what looks suspiciously to be a human head- dark-skinned and leery in the gloom. A trim leather-bound book sits atop the spindly-legged nightstand by the bed, with faint gold lettering barely visible beneath a layer of dust: Fausti, by Ovid. A pungent (but not unpleasant) aroma of incense is wreathed about the air. cr, cr
Morlock Tunnels - Chloe's Room Even though the room is really a dug out (small) cave, it's obvious Chloe has tried her damn hardest to make it into as much of an actual room as possible. Fabrics in different light shades of blue, green, and purple hang from the walls, overlapping and combining in some instances, lapping heavily to the floor, and covering the doorway. The same is said for the ceiling, fabrics swooping down, somehow hung up onto the rocks, ends covering parts of the walls that aren't covered by the fabrics on the wall. Rugs cover as much of the floor as possible. Small lamps rest on the floor or on precipices jutting out from the walls every now and then, the grasshopper obviously not a fan of the dark, considering every lamp has a 100 watt bulb in it. A small trundle daybed, somewhat rusted, is in one of the far corners, covered in a light green and white checkered pattern sheet and blanket, along with three or so different colored pillows. A nightstand rest by the head of the bed, while a beat up, repainted chest of drawers rests at the foot. On top of the chest is a very small, obviously old TV, sitting on top of a not as old VCR/DVD combo, small stack of various movies beside it. Finally, half hanging and half propped up on the wall next to the 'door' is a shiny and reflective, large curved shell that can acted like a sort of mirror. In the corner next to the mirror is another shell, though this one is large, black, very spiky, and dangerous looking. cr, ch
Morlock Tunnels - Ruby's Room Like blood, red rust-stains seem to ooze down the walls of Ruby's underground hide-away one you pass the curtains that she uses in place of a door - crimson as one might expect. A luxurious full sized mattress takes up most of the space, layered over in a variety of red-hued blankets and sheets - canopied by sheets of blood-stained masquito netting that give it that royal appeal. Despite the obvious dank.. homeless-vibe that this room radiates.. it's clear she's done /some/ things to make it her own. Dried roses in a vase.. they probably used to be beautiful, at least.. A old tattered scarlet area-rug.. Part of the far wall is even painted red.. but it seems as though Ruby must have run out of paint.. Naturally, the room has other things. A wash-bason to catch water that's dripping from one of the leaky pipes with a few towels and personal-care type things within reach of it. A few cots and sleeping bags pushed to the side. Toys. Dolls. Stuffed animals. Second hand.. but it's something.. You see, while someone could easilly overlook Ruby's personality shining through.. it's hard to miss that this room is a nursery.. cr, rr
Morlock Tunnels - Zachery's Room This small, rectangular room is as poorly decorated at is it lit. There's not much space to move about, and most of it is taken up by an often sheetless one-and-a-half-person bed and a cheap-looking grayish vault that doubles as a nightstand. The whole deal is only vaguely illuminated by a single bulb that hangs haphazardly from the ceiling. cr, zr
Morlock Tunnels - Yugo's Room When you first step into the room, the first sound that assaults your ears is the thrum and whir of cooling fans. The room is jam packed full of electronic equipment - most of it various different types of computers. Some of them are new, some of them look decades old; it's likely that many of them were gained second-hand from dumpsters; the newer ones are in the minority. Big and small, every type seems to be represented here, seemingly arranged chaotically wherever they would fit. The room has no 'lights' persay, but the glow of monitors seems to provide more than enough light for most tasks; indeed, it seems that there was not enough space on the sides of the room because there's even one mounted on the cieling. Cords snake across the floor in all directions, some leading to computers and some disappearing into the wall. The room also has a sizable (but not nearly as numerous as the computers) collection of audio equipment. A tape deck, a turntable, a CD player, and four large speakers. Overall everything in the room is arranged into a 'U' shape, leaving open space towards the entrance. In the middle of it all sits an easy chair. It's tattered and old looking, but still comfortable - it also appears that someone hacked it apart and embedded speakers into the back and keyboards in the arms. Blankets, pillows, and some clothing strewn about would cue the astute observer in to the fact that this doubles as someone's bedroom - a 'den' of sorts carved out here in the subway tunnels. cr, yr
Morlock Tunnels - Gathering Den The walls and floor of this mostly circular room are uneven, carved out of the innards of the city above. Bent nails hold thin wires to the walls, leading to a lightbulbs which illuminate the room. Out of the ceiling poke a few green-teinted pipes, some of which seem to need some wrenching. Drip. Drip. Smack in the middle stands a low, square and wooden table, surrounded by a dozen comfortable looking sofas. cr, gd
Subway: Ruined Tunnel The walls of this part of the tunnel look to have been scooped straight out of solid rock, and large segments of it have been hewn away at some point. Anyone who dares to venture deeper into the tunnel will be greeted by a plethora of small, white glowing flowers that grow in a turquise-coloured moss, and open up as people pass. They guide the way to two rusty swinging doors, which remain perpetually unlocked. dt
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