Milburn Hotel

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This hotel has seen better days over the years and is mostly used by people on the way to LaGuardia Airport or to the prison. The lobby has a desk where you can speak with an attendant and get a room, plants dot the room as well as a loveseat by the wall. Recently renovations have been made to spruce the place up, and things might be finally on the right trek as business is picking up.

Locations within

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William's Apartment XXX apt 34
Pietro's Apartment The inside of the townhouse is spacious, open and airy. Wide windows in the living room overlook the central courtyard, revealing the play of water in the sculptured fountain. Luxurious carpets are laid out on the polished hardwood floors, defining living and play areas on either side of an open hearth that serves as a fireplace for both areas. A well-appointed kitchen lies beyond a half-height wall that doubles as a breakfast bar, fronted with four painted wood stools. A flight of stairs leads up to the second story, with a master bedroom suite, a second guest room suite and a luxurious, full bath. apt 35
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