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The first floor of this apartment building is nothing more than a long hallway, with the front door at one end and a staircase at the other. The hall is poorly lit by a couple of high windows at either end; there are a few fluorescent lights in the ceiling, but it appears that none work. Door after door sit in the beige walls, their white paint flaking and littering the worn linoleum of the hall. Many have scuff marks at their bases, and for some the wood underneath shows in large splotches. But from the flickering lights visible underneath most doors, this seems to be a rather well-inhabited placeā€¦ despite its state of disrepair.

Locations within

Local name Description Nav Command
Lockjaw's Apartment XXX apt 13
Vincent's Apartment XXX apt 23
Rochelle's Apartment The first thought in one's head is homely, yet not too exuberant. The place is fairly small, and mud even seems to constantly stain just the front mat. This apartment seems a bit more comfortable than others here. The walls are dark wood, and the carpet is a mottled brown, soft and plush to the touch. A large, flat lamplight sits on the ceiling in an attempt at cozy. An old, patched brown couch sits under a large, multicolored blanket, and a brown, chewed-up recliner sits beside it in the same fashion. Both are considerably worn, but still comfy. An endtable sits between them, and in front is a decent-sized television on a swivel-base. A large, wide shelf houses mounds of stuff, including books and photographs. A few other small tables and shelves sit around as well, and one even holds a small collection of books. A small window sits halfway taped up on the wall, sided by light curtains. The bedroom is not too large, and holds merely a dresser, a lamp and a blanket-covered bed, slightly bent out of use but still large and comfy. The bathroom is decent, with a light stain to the vicinity from years of washing the grime. The small, clean kitchen-cove houses what is needed, and is sometimes home of a fridge full with leftovers to chow down on at the old but shined-up wooden table and chairs. Even under it, as the source of dog food often scattered around seems to be from the big one living here, Oedipus(m) a Fawn Great Dane, with floppy ears and even clumsier feet. apt 28
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