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A bell announces any opening of the front door. This small shop is quaint and cramped: every wall is hidden behind a shelf, and onto these shelves are crammed books of every sort imaginable. All around is the smell of paper, mildew, dust, and, in the mornings, fresh coffee. Messages and reminders printed out on sheets of computer paper are taped at various intervals around the store: "Complimentary cup of coffee with every book purchased!" "Children's Novels Half-Price!" "Just ask Marc for recommended reads!" The shop is longer than it is wide, and is divided halfway through by two steps that lead to a higher level where a few more shelves, the cash register, and a shaky-looking circular staircase is located. At the front of the store on the lower level are a pair of mismatched armchairs and a small side table. A note on the table informs anyone interested that customers are welcome to read a book for up to half an hour to get a taste for it, but after that they must put it back on the shelves or purchase it.

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Marc's Apartment The upstairs apartment is cluttered and messy. There is a small bathroom (the door to which is always closed) and a window looking out on the street, a countertop with a sink, a small table, a fridge, a dresser and a vanity, and a bed pushed up against the wall farthest from the rickety staircase leading down to the store. Clothes litter the floor, the coffee machine on the counter is set on standby, and a digital clock peers out from an upturned cardboard box beside the bed. The faint smell of cigarettes and dogs can be noticed if given long hard thought, but it's an old scent and one that has been generally overridden by the presence of someone who doesn't smoke, doesn't own dogs, and makes a hell of a lot of coffee. U
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