Marc Apartments
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cut and paste code below into your client's entry window and hit enter for a quick run to this location

+go 17


As you walk through the large glass doors with the ornate golden script identifying this building at The Marc, you pass a doorman and see a security desk where all guests must sign in. The lobby is in a light shade of beige and the floor is highly polished, with elevators to the right and left of the desk, heading up to the apartments of the wealthy. Cameras monitor everything so no riff-raff are allowed.+ Locations within

Local name Description Nav Command
Aya's Apartment XXX apt 41
Stryker's Apartment XXX apt 43
Havok's Apartment Upon entering this room, your eyes are greeted with a luxurious sight. The carpet is a dense white plush, so thick that your feet seem to sink into it as you step. The walls are of cherry stained wainscoting, above which is a smooth, unadorned shade of cream paint. The bed in this room is a thick mattressed, two postered affair with cream velvet coverlet and white satin sheets to match. The pillows upon the bed are goose-down, covered also in white satin pillowcases. Next to the bed is a handsomely carved night table set with a brass lamp which gives the room a warm glow. An equally attractive armoire stands against the wall adjacent to the door, ready for whatever one may place in it, and a minibar is set into the wall next to that, well stocked with beers and wines alike. On the far wall is a large window looking out over the city, offering a picturesque view no matter the time of day or night. There is an antechamber set in the right wall which contains a large white oval shaped sunken tub made of porcelain. The spigots are gold plated, and jets are set into the sides of the tub to provide a soothing massage. A sink and vanity are beyond the tub, as well as a small cabinet which contains fresh, thick white towels and toiletries as one might need. apt 44
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