Machine Sanctuary

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Desc name Description Desc Command
library The Sanctuary's library door is three floors underground, and the room's grand size occupies two floors in height. Rows of bookshelves cover the long walls. The shelves are metallic, brass in hue, and elegantly crafted in old Baroque style. Where the style would call for wood there is instead browned metal embellished with detailed fractal patterns in place of woodgrain. At the far end of the chamber there is an instrument of majestic design, a pipe organ in this room crafted specifically to shape the sound to perfection. desc library
outside The Machine Sanctuary sits toward the east side of Staten Island, in an area largely unpopulated so to remain unnoticed. The building was once an old chapel, abandoned then taken by the Clockwork Path to serve as their base of operations. The facade now bears ornate brass decoration in Baroque style, and the top of the building has more smoky chimneys than are normal for a church. desc outside
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