Detective Trevor Scott Johner
Detective Trevor Scott Johner
Played By Ron Perlman
Birthdate March 28, 1972
Age 35
Birthplace Courtland, NY
Alignment Take a guess
Affiliation NYPD / FoH (FoH not publicly known)

WARNING. ICA=ICC. Johner is a cop. He WILL arrest you if you break the law in his presence/he's assigned to a case involving a crime you committed. Police procedure WILL be followed, and powers-useage aside (which will really piss Johner off) once Johner's got his hands on you, you're sunk. PLEASE be aware of this and RP accordingly. CRUDE LANGUAGE. NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT. Also, Johner is an ex-Army Major as well as a detective, and trained as such. He was a sniper in the army. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.


At 6' 2" and 210 pounds, sporting a military haircut and posture that /screams/ military/cop, Detective Johner is … kind of hard to miss. He is dressed in a crisply pressed light blue button-down shirt, black sports jacket, black trousers, and, somewhat oddly, black army boots. His shield is clearly visible on his belt, as is a pair of handcuffs. The holster and gun flit in and out of sight as he walks and his open jacket moves.


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