James Jonah Jameson
James Jonah Jameson
Played By
Age 54
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Affiliation The Daily Bugle
Short Powers aggravating superheroes, aggravating villains, aggravating readers, pretty much aggravating anyone
Offsite Logs

Newspaper editor of the Daily Bugle


Flat-top brown hair with white on the side, often seen with a cigar in his hand and Oh dear lord that mustache!


Jonah's distrust of heros was developed at an early age. His father, David Jameson, was an officer of the US Army, a war veteran and a decorated hero. He was also abusive and regularly abused his wife (Betty Jameson) and his son. As a result Jonah grew convinced that a hero can't be a hero every day of the week.

He was a Boy Scout during his childhood

He developed an interest in photography in school and even met his first wife (Joan) in the high school photography club. His other interest in boxing has handled bullies rather well, allowing him to knock down the school's top three athletes.

After finishing school He and Joan were married and Jonah started his journalism career in the Daily Bugle. There he witnessed many heroes become known to the public. Due to his childhood experiences with another /hero/, he immediately was skeptical that anyone with superpowers who operated outside the law could be trusted.
Eventually he and Joan had a son named John (who grew up and became an astronaut)

While Jonah was overseas acting as an international news correspondent, Joan died as the result of a mugging gone bad. In grief, Jonah focused on his professional career to distract him and was eventually promoted to chief editor of the Daily Bugle. A little while later he became owner of the paper.

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