Hudson River Warehouse

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The warehouse doors open up into a moderately sized storage area, with many large, solid, metal shipping containers stacked around the room, making it hard for someone walking to find their way immediately to the back, especially if they were unfamiliar with the one correct path. At the back, another locked set of doors lead to the /real/ portion of this warehouse, which currently serves as a Haven for the Brotherhood. While the large main room does have a handful of those large metal shipping containers within it - each one serving as a large room in and of itself - it mostly appears to be a large mixture of rooms with a few couches off to the side, a handful of bookcases along the walls, a large TV up against one wall, and even a pool-table near the corner of the large room. The books range widely in their topics, as people are able to find everything from novels such as Tolkien's or Piers Anthony's series, to extremely detailed books on biology and genetics, and even other historical novels such as Dante's Inferno and Niccolo Machiavelli's 'The Prince'. Within those large crates in this area, the doors open up into more private rooms, which also actually seem to be lightly furnished as well. In the back of this large main room, a set of stairs descends from a balcony above, leading to the topmost section of the warehouse where the individual, personal rooms are as well as the more private and official meeting areas.
A few rooms break off from this main warehouse floor, also rather large and offering excellent spaces for training and sparring areas to be set up, as well as a fully equipped and stocked kitchen. Then another room remains in the far back, through a small hallway, and the door seems to be fused shut through a warping and bending of the metal all around it in an impossibly breakable lock.

Locations within

Local name Description Nav Command
HR Warehouse - Upstairs A pair of metal staircases rise to meet on this balcony from the main warehouse floor below. A rather large walkway is found on this side, while the walkway thins to being wide enough for a few people side by side (or one Fred Dukes) to walk comfortably around the edges of the other three walls, encircling the main floor below. A handful of rooms part off to either side on that section of the walkway, while just in front of the stairs, a wooden-floored hallway stretches out for a short distance before another hall intersects it. To either side of this intersection, the private quarters of the Brotherhood members can be found, while continuing down this main hallway to the back leads to a few more large, more important rooms - most notably, Magneto's personal office, and the Map Room where strategies and missions are discussed. up
HR Warehouse Upstairs Hallway The main hallway stretches further into the back of the warehouse, away from the intersecting hall where the private quarters can be found. Everything is metal except for the wooden floor, and at the end of the hall, to the right is a door that leads to Magneto's office, and a pair of double-doors is found to the left, the long, large Map Room stretching out on the other side of them. up, ha
HR Warehouse - Magneto's Office Simple and efficient, not much is found in this completely metal room, except for a few pieces of furniture. There is a large, heavy-duty metal desk in the center of the room and his high-backed, elegant chair found behind it, along with a couple of chairs in front of it. A large bookcase is along one side of the walls with his personal selection of books, and another smaller desk is in the corner with a computer resting on it. up, ha, mo
HR Warehouse - Map Room A large conference table stretches out in the middle of this room, with more than enough chairs to seat everyone in the Brotherhood at it. Detailed maps of nearly everywhere line the long left wall and the short wall at the end, covering everything from detailed road maps of New York City, to maps of the entire nation, even down to blueprints of specific buildings. A pair of large, two-sided chalk-boards are to the side, and along the other long wall of this room a long line of computers and observational equipment is set up, with a few larger monitors hung on the walls above these computers and devices. up, ha, mr
HR Warehouse - Sparring Room While the largest room by far in the Haven has been the main floor of the warehouse, the true 'entrance hall' with those metal shipping crates as rooms-within-rooms, this Sparring Room easily comes as a close second. Nearly a third of the bottom floor of the warehouse composes this vast training ground, where a wide array of obstacles can be found and even more prepared if one wishes to run a training session. Mangled shipping crates, razor-sharp metal disks, and deadfall weights are only a small selection of these, and more can be assembled via tripwires if one of the top members of the Brotherhood prepare them correctly. Another section of the room off to the side, blocked off from the main portion by more metal shipping crates, serves as a more intimate setting with a large 'stage' of sorts set up for others to spar on open, even ground against each other. Along the walls are placed many targets for precision aiming with powers or other projectiles - the huge assortment of throwing knives, blades, stars, and disks found in boxes nearby. Heavy duty punching bags are also strung from metal beams to hang down and offer solo trainers more physical practice, should there be no others around who wish to spar at the time. sr
HRW - Alaska's quarters XXX up, ala
HRW - Angelica's quarters XXX up,ang
HRW - Avalanche's quarters A fairly shabby room, some of the walls are slightly cracked, but in fair condition. Pictures of greatly varied palces line the walls, alluding to the owner's tendancy to travel. Along the back wall of the room, a bed lays directly on the ground, a sheet quickly tucked under the edges, and a blanket and pillow in a heap on one end. There is a small table next to the bed, with a few personal amenities sitting on it. small heaps of clothing dot the floor, and an old-style black and white television sits in the corner opposite the bed. up, ava
HRW - Aya's quarters XXX up, aya
HRW - Blob's quarters XXX up, blob
HRW - Exodus' quarters XXX up, exo
HRW - Guest's quarters XXX up, gue
HRW - Huruma's quarters The first thing one senses in this particular room is a feeling of uneasiness, as if you have stepped into the lair of some beast that may devour you lest it find you here. In some sense, that is exactly what may happen if she does find you here unannounced. The lighting itself is dim. On the one wall is a large altar. Gaunab, an African God of Evil, Death and Survival watches from his perch on the top, surrounded by bones, objects, candles and other similar items. Among them a dark-skinned human hand, dried and stuck in a perpetual contraction. Gaunab's skeletal formed statue is menacingly black, but upon closer inspection he is made of dark, rainbow glass. Aside from doing evil deeds, the Deity was also the creator of the rainbow, and thus His bright silver eyes glint in the low light. From his palm-up hand, dangling from the thumb is a severely out of place keychain; a pink Care Bear with a rainbow emblazoned over its stomach. The large, low bed is firm, covered with a dark pelt along with the bedding. Some other mismatched pelts of all kinds over the floor are used for a makeshift rug system. up, hur
HRW - Jordan's quarters XXX up, jor
HRW - Kelsi's quarters XXX up, kel
HRW - Magneto's quarters XXX up, mag
HRW - Mammomax's quarters XXX up, mam
HRW - McCoy's quarters XXX up, doc
HRW - Mystique's quarters XXX up, mys
HRW - Neophyte's quarters XXX up, neo
HRW - Dr. Octavius' quarters The space set aside for the use of Dr. Octavius is comfortable enough in its furnishings though is not especially inspired in its decor. It has, in fact, more the air of a workspace rather than living quarters; the fact that the room contains bed, dresser, and other such items seems completely incidental. The central feature is the large work-table set against one wall; it's very well-lit and, usually, covered in papers and electronics, the fruits of fevered genius. up, ock
HRW - Pietro's quarters XXX up, pie
HRW - Red Lotus' quarters Red Lotus' quarters are fairly simple. A medium-sized warehouse room with a large bed at it's center-back, far larger than one person needs, but that is decadence, my friends. On the left side of the room is a floor-length mirror next to a double-doored closet. On the right side of the room is an oaken chest of drawers and a waist-high bookcase sitting next to it. up, lotus
HRW - Sauron's quarters XXX up, sau
HRW - Toad's quarters Toad's room is nothing short of messy, although not so much in a unhygienic way as it is in just a lazy I'll-just-dump-this-here way. Clothes, sheets, and random objects are placed in the most inconvenient places, which brings to mind the question why they were ever placed there in the first place. The only places remotely clear of obstructions are the one-person bed that stands propped up in a corner, and the frog terrarium nearby. Inside the glass walls sits a young horned frog, looking perfectly content in its little but well taken care of environment. A nameplate on the front of the tank says 'Four' in fine, engraved letters. up, toad
HRW - Torque's quarters XXX up, tor
HRW - Unus' quarters XXX up, unus
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