Hudson Apartments

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The Hudson Arms, build in the early 1950’s, is one of the lower-income apartment complexes along the river from which it takes its name. Overall, it takes the appearance of an older series of three separate building, with faded brick walls and windows that could use a fresh coat of eggshell white. Stains from the years of use leak down from the vents build into the walls, and the fire escape ladders show a deal of rust against the splash of outdoor furniture, potted plants, and laundry people have hung out onto their makeshift ‘porches’. Sad to say, the metal is probably more reliable than the elevator to visit your upstairs or downstairs neighbors. Each building has four floors with four rooms on each floor and a communal laundry room on the first level instead of a basement, as the building is too close to sea level to safely build one. Rooms are studio style up to three bedroom, neutrally decored unless the tenant prefers something else. Crime is what would be expected for a low income region, with the police a common sighting, but overall nothing too severe reaches the buildings where most people all know each other.

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