Chloe Midgley
Portrayed By Alexis Bledel
Gender/Species Female Mutant
Affiliation Morlocks/Xavier's
Date of Birth September 25, 1991
Age 16
Aliases Hopper
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Known Relatives Joseph Midgley (father; deceased), Marie Midgley (mother)
Significant Other Anole
Known Abilities Speed/High Jumper
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Born in New York City, Chloe's mother was a costume designer for movies shooting in New York City, her father a stuntman. The first few years of her life were as normal as one can be living in the city and having such parents, though things changed when Chloe was five. While working on a stunt for a movie, something went wrong with the mechanics of the helicopter her father was in. Instead of pretending to blow up, it actually did.

It took a little while after this accident for things to again, get back to normal. Or, again, as normal as things could be, until Chloe turned 14. One day, suddenly coming down with body aches and fever, the girl retreated to her room, falling into a feverish sleep. Waking up the next day, she was shocked to find her skin had turned a light shade of green, and her eyes, from pupil to sclera had turned the darkest shade of black. And to make matters worse, two small, semi transparent wings had sprouted from her back sometime during the night.

Her mother, not being able to deal with this new discovery, immediately kicked Chloe onto the streets. Convinced her mother just needed time to adjust to these changes, the girl stuck around, trying to convince her mother to let her back in, telling her there was nothing wrong with her, even though Chloe wasn't too convinced of that herself.

However, what little hope she had left with her mother soon shattered when the police were called once it became clear Chloe wasn't leaving. It was then she became aware of her other abilities, using her new running and jumping skills to get away.

Running blindly, Chloe found herself in Hell's Kitchen, immediately ducking into an empty alleyway, scared that if she went around other, normal, people, they would react the same as her mother had. Staying in the alleyway for the rest of the day, Chloe was startled when a manhole cover at the far end of the alley opened, letting out a member of the Morlocks.

Taking on the codename Hopper, Chloe lived underground with the Morlocks until January of 2008 when she enrolled in Xavier's School.


Chloe's ability manifested with her physical change. Much like the grasshopper she resembles she can move fast, and jump high. She can run up to thirty miles an hour, about three times faster than an average human can run. She can also jump from fifteen to twenty feet in the air, depending on whether she uses her wings or not. Her wings cannot be used for flying, since they're too small to support her weight, but they can help give her greater height in jumps.



  • "Green is the new awesome!"


  • Used to dream about being a model.
  • Now dreams about one day running the Morlocks after Zachery retires.
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