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Once the site of an abandoned church, the mansion which now claims these lush grounds on Manhattan's East Side Fifth Avenue is an ironic partner to the charred remains of the Avenger's Mansion nearby. The Hellfire Club's black wrought iron gate is lavish in its twisting, spiraling presentation, outfitted with crafted metal ivy. That same leafy vine creeps along the meticulous stone walls which, in addition to the lengthy drive, shield one's sight of the entire centuries-old mansion itself. A constant guard is stoically on watch, allowing or denying that highly-sought after entrance, and cleverly hidden monitoring cameras ensure total security. Only the best for the richest and most famous.

Locations within

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HM Front Yard Those who are granted passage through the elegant gates are greeted with a scene which makes the most pampered gardens in New York pale in comparison. Evergreen cedar hedges - their pungency a thick scent on the air - line the drive up to the roundabout before the front doors. At the center of that circle, a lavish quad-layered fountain, outfitted with playful alabaster cherubs and darker leering gargoyles. In the summer, the emerald of a perfect lawn is speckled with maintained beds of azaleas, pale lilies, regal irises, and ivory and crimson rosebushes; in the winter, a pristine landscape of purest white. The façade of the impressive mansion itself is comprised of set pale granite in cornering capstones, grey polished marble of tall pillars, yawning windows, and the majority the blood-red of brick. Gables perch upon the peaked rooftop while wings sweep back further, cupping a courtyard in the back grounds. The extensive drive pulls right in front of cobblestone steps which lead to wide, ornate mahogany doors. fy
HM Foyer A well-maintained foyer - absorbent carpet cushioning the floor, warm and flattering golden lighting, and oak paneling along the walls which slides back to reveal closets in which to hang garments. A doorman always serves as a sentry for the area, polite and prompt so that those ornate front doors never need to be opened by anyone other than him. fy,fd
HM main hall No matter the angle, whether arriving from the foyer or from either hallway, the grandeur of this hall spreads and arches away from you. As tall as the mansion, this lofty room is truly resplendent with polished ebon marbled floors, veined with silver and gold, and walls of varnished rosewood paneling. A vaulted ceiling looms overhead, and once it has bowed away from supporting beams, a mural presents itself. Fluffy clouds circle the edges of the painting - beyond that, colour which ranges from sky blue, through silvers of twilight, into the inky midnight of space. Constellations at first in that dark depth, then iridescent nebulae, and finally, at the center, a burst of radiant light, a firework of creation. From that point, an opulent crystal chandelier hangs to cast crisp light around the room. A stream of red carpet runs from the front doors to a broad curve of regal stairs, leading up to the balcony of the second floor. To the right, a hall leads to the sounds of catering; down the left hall, the grand ballroom. fy,fd,ha
HM left wing Crimson carpet flows along the wenga wood baseboards of this wide hallway, and despite the amount of traffic which passes along it, appears as fresh as the day it was laid. Sconce lighting provides a warm glow for both patrons and artwork alike. Towards the end of the hall, on nights of parties, elegant music can be heard from the ballroom. fy,fd,ha,lw
HM right wing Crimson carpet flows along the wenga wood baseboards of this wide hallway, and despite the amount of traffic which passes along it, appears as fresh as the day it was laid. Sconce lighting provides a warm glow for both patrons and artwork alike. Towards the end of the hall, on nights of parties, the clink of champagne glasses and the small talk around hor d'oeuvres can be heard, while a quieter study lies before that dining area. fy,fd,ha,rw
HM Upstairs Balcony A high-rise balcony to the second floor curves gracefully away from the grand staircase to present a circular platform which juts partially over the main hall, providing an excellent location for one to gather attention and make announcements. Smooth emerald carpet runs underfoot, up to the carved oak banister, and back straight off towards the meeting hall. To the hallways on either side, earthy colours run monochrome; to the left, the quarters of the White Court, to the right, the Black Court. fy,fd,ha,gs
HM grand ballroom Dancing, empty compliments, discussion, pleasantries and schemes have all taken place in this open, decadent room. From that majestic arched doorway leading from the hall runs a few semi-circular stairs which drop onto a parquet of richly assembled planks - wood colours variegating between lush reds, chocolate umbers, and pale gold. Lit by a crystalline chandelier, it is upon this surface that people conglomerate to chat or, taking advantage of the floor's designed purpose, dance. To aide in that latter process, set aside in the furthest corner - amidst potted plants and slender columns - sits a full grand piano and adequate stage-space for a low-key band or quintet. The walls are a cool jaded green until the wood bordered ceiling - the ceiling itself comprised of mirrors to reflect the motion of the party-goers below, lending to quite the magnificent scene when people start dancing. Comfortable leather couches limn the walls, and should someone wish for a further private conversation, an adjoining smaller arch leads to a chess room. fy,fd,ha,lw,ad
HM chess board Sixty-four, two foot by two foot squares in opposing colours; a familiar playing field to every eye which settles upon it. Crisp marble of pure ebon and ivory constitute those squares set in the middle of the room in its iconic format, the encompassing frame a smooth, golden bird's eye maple. The appropriate pieces, elegantly carved with their simplistic features, are placed accordingly - pawns reaching an adult's knee, while the Kings are shoulder-height - unless in times of gathering. When not on their field, the pieces are within their display niches, inset along the warm oak paneled walls. Opposing sides each bear seating, though apart from the casual leather couches sit distinctive white and black thrones, reserved expressly for the players. fy,fd,ha,lw,ad, cb
HM Library What this room lacks in circumference it makes up for in height; the walls of this circular room, replete with hundreds of well-bound volumes, novels, and tomes, soar upwards to the height of the entire mansion. About the oaken floor - concentrated in the middle of the room to keep out of the way of the rolling ladder along the walls - are strewn plush oriental rugs in a fantastic array of subtle colours. Atop of those carpets evenly rest fine, high-backed Italian leather reading chairs in rich chocolate hues, each with a personal end table for brandy snifters and cigars. The source of lighting, other than petite lamps on those end tables, comes from tall, arched bay windows which face out to the gardened courtyard behind the mansion. Before this window sits an elegant writing desk, perfect in location to settle and consider the beauty of the grounds beyond, no matter the season. fy,fd,ha,rw,li
HM Dining Hall Sumptuously welcoming, the sight of this extravagant dining room suits the world-renown delicacies which are served here. At its heart lays prearranged black walnut, broad and long tables, its typical shape constituting a horseshoe with the head figures sitting above those legs in matching, stately throne-like chairs. Rich burgundy drapes sweep from the windows they guard, at a pleasing contrast against the royal and calming blue of the walls; all of it lit by a well-placed, ornamental chandelier of the palest platinum gold. Set aside from the seating area is a long catering table, outfitted with cream cloth and lace, and in addition to the luxurious foods served there, it is likely in times of feasting that an ornate ice sculpture or miniature fountains will grace its top. fy,fd,ha,rw,dh
HM White Hallway The emerald of the balcony's carpet gradiates from its lush hue, filtering out into a runway carpet of pure white down this hall. The maintenance here must be elaborate for not only is the carpet as spotless as fresh snow, but every surface radiates the palest colour possible. Walls are muted ivory, sconces a polished silver, the floor outside the strip of carpet down its middle an alabaster marble, and the doors leading to separate residents a milky bird's eye maple - the end of the hall bearing the most highly-sought rooms. fy,fd,ha,gs,le
HM Black Hallway The emerald of the balcony's carpet gradiates from its lush hue, tinting darker into a runway carpet of solid black down this hall. Despite the best efforts of plentiful light sources, this deviant of the mansion retains inky shadows near every surface. Walls are soft charcoal, sconces of carved ebony, the floor outside the strip of carpet down its middle an obsidian marble, and the doors leading to separate residents a sable dark wenga wood - the end of the hall bearing the most highly-sought rooms. fy,fd,ha,gs,ri
HM Upstairs Hallway Emerald carpeting continues in from the balcony, plush underfoot, and while the chandelier from the main hall is unable to shed its light into these far corners, warm sconce lighting takes its place. This hallway's sole purpose is to keep the matters of the meeting room ahead as private and as distant from curious, probing ears as possible. fy,fd,ha,gs,str
HM White Bishop Quarters XXX fy,fd,ha,gs,le,bis
HM White Knight Quarters XXX fy,fd,ha,gs,le, kni
HM Magneto's Quarters XXX fy,fd,ha,gs,le, mag
HM WhitePawn 1 Quarters XXX fy,fd,ha,gs,le, 1
HM WhitePawn 2 Quarters XXX fy,fd,ha,gs,le, 2
HM Meeting Hall While not as lavish and grandiose as the other rooms of the mansion, this room is nevertheless stately and defined: a place of business, of discussion. A long and smooth oak table rests atop that verdant carpet, each comfortable sable leather chair pointing towards the head of the table. Behind that head, upon the wall is a sleek panel which, when prompted, will rotate into a lustrous flat-screen television. Windows face the back-grounds, allowing light to stream in or able to tint and shade light and view from the outside completely with a press of a button. When artificial lighting is required, a glow from hidden sources lining the ceiling will illuminate, cast radiance down on the occupants within the room. fy,fd,ha,gs,str, mh

Mapping of Hellfire Black Hallway incomplete.

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