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A collection of other in game info not covered by the main menu

Grid Navigation

Ever wish to go to a particular location on the grid but you can't figure out how to get there?
This is a list of possible locations you can travel to on the grid. To find out how to travel there, simply click on the link for the desired location and follow the code in the code block to quickly navigate there

Restaurants and Bars

Name Type Price Range Grid Location
Cheshire Cat English Pub $ Hell's Kitchen
Harry's Hideaway Bar and Restaurant $-$$ Westchester County
Tarot Cafe Coffee Shop $$ E Greenwich Village

Night Life

Name Type Grid Location
Chrystal Nightclub Upscale nightclub Midtown East
Club Wannabes Lowscale nightclub Chelsea

Retail Stores and Public Places

Name Type Grid Location
Albus Corvus Fleuriste Florist W Greenwich Village
Antigone Oils Perfume Upper East Side
Fate's Bond Mystic W Greenwich Village
The Grind Stone Coffee Shop Salem Center
Mall Various Westchester County
Marc's Books Bookstore Queens
Metropolitan Museum Art Museum Upper East Side
Natural History Museum Natural History Museum Central Park South
New York University University W Greenwich Village
Notes 'n' Rhythm Music Shop Salem Center
Purple Moon Mystic Murray Hill
Salem Center Shopping Center Westchester County
Statue of Liberty Landmark Upper New York Bay
St. Patrick's Cathedral Church Midtown East
Cemetary Burial Ground Salem Center


Name Type Grid Location
David's Salon Hair Salon Westchester County
Golem Studios Recording Studio Chelsea
Nelson & Murdock Legal Representatives Hell's Kitchen
Razor's Edge PI Private Investigation Bronx
Repair Shop Motorcycle Repair Brooklyn
SandalBrooks Daycare Mutant Day Care Upper East Side
Tattoo Parlor Tattoo Parlor Queens
X-Factor Investigations Private Investigation Queens

City Facilities

Name Type Grid Location
Fire House - LC21 & EC34 Fire Department Hell's Kitchen
XXX Police Department XXX
Hospital Hospital Brooklyn
Metropolitan Hospital Hospital East Harlem
Public Library Library Times Square
Gated Junkyard Junkyard Bronx

Private Industry

Name Type Grid Location
Daily Bugle Newspaper Financial District
Stark Tower Research and Development Upper West Side
Yamanaka Industries Research and Development Tribeca


Name Price Range Grid Location
Abingdon Guest House $$$ E Greenwich Village
Apartment Complex $ Hell's Kitchen
Beacon Apartments $-$$ Stuyvesant Town
Chateau Noir $$$ Upper East Side
Hudson Apartments $ Westchester County
Marc Apartments $$-$$$ Midtown East
McVeigh Apartments $ North Harlem
Milburn Hotel $ Upper West Side
Tate Apartments $-$$ Chelsea

Private Official Housing

Name Grid Location
Craig's Apartment Upper West Side
Four Freedoms Plaza Midtown East
Hellfire Mansion Upper East Side
Machine Sanctuary Staten Island
O'Malley Residence Midtown East
Sanctum Sanctorum E Greenwich Village
Smith House Upper West Side
Tessier Residence E Greenwich Village
Trevisani Residence E Greenwich Village
Old Farm Staten Island
Xavier Institute Westchester

Hidden Housing / Hideouts / Storage Facilities / Abandoned Buildings

Name Type Grid Location
Abandoned Warehouse Stilt-Man Hideout Hell's Kitchen
Bishop Publishing XXX East Harlem
Brokendown Complex Ni's Hideout Queens
Cheshire Cat Cellar Hell's Kitchen
Holy Ghost Church XXX Gramercy
Hudson River Warehouse BoM Hideout Hell's Kitchen
The Lair Doc Ock Hideout Upper New York Bay
Nondescript Warehouse XXX East Harlem
Crypt Nightshade hideout Salem Center
Morlock Tunnels Morlock Hideout Underground


Name Type Grid Location
Active Tunnels XXX Subway - Dead End
Alley XXX Hell's Kitchen
Alleyway XXX North Harlem
North into the Catskills XXX Westchester County
Through The Crack XXX Subway - Dead End
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