Gregory Reed Young
Played By Jason Wiles
Age 36
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Affiliation Blackwater Technologies
Short Powers Silver Tongue and Pleasure Touch
Offsite Logs livejournal

Gregory is an up and coming CEO of a new division of an organization where their biggest client is the US government. Charming and manipulative, he is often seen amongst the countries elite in industry and government. A bit of a rake, he has a tendency of seducing people who, likely wanted to be in the first place. However he does have a favorite girl named Alexandra Sanders


Well dressed, well groomed, well spoken, and a killer smile, Greg's very presence screams power. Regardless or indoors or out, he is often seen wearing gloves and long sleeves.


Silver Tongue: (note: tongue is not really silver) The very voice of this guy has a soothing effect on the listener and often allows for Young to be looked upon favorably by those he speaks to.

Pleasure Touch: by coming into skin on skin contact he can send happy signals to the brain


Young came from a military family. His mom an army nurse and his dad in the army as well, it was inevitable he'd join the military when he became an adult.

Raised on talk of the importance of strategy and preparation, Young dedicated himself to excel in life. Great grades, Star Athlete, and in college he joined a ROTC program.

Degree in hand, Young embarked upon a career in the US Army developing weapons for the armed services. After twelve years of military service, Young was honorably discharged from the service and ended up being picked up by Blackwater USA as a 'security consultant'.

Upon helping with Blackwater's merger with New York Tech, Young was appointed head of the division which is located in New York.
In line with his employers, Young's business practices are questionable yet due to careful manipulation of the legal and bueraucratic systems is very much legal. (The parts the public and government know about at least.)

His philosophy is simple. Do what you can to get what is needed and crush all obstacles. It is a tried and true method to him and he lives by it.

IC Occurrences:

— Led the merger with New York Technologies thereby securing control of NYU's HAAI project research as well as recruiting away most of the researchers involved in that project
— Project MWM: With the employment of one Jareth Tarrant has a device developed that sends a false negative response when a sentinel in range of the device is scanning for mutants
— Set up prototypes of MWM with several test locations.

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