Gated Junkyard

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+go 26


A single streetlight flickers,a bulb on it's last leg of life, illuminating the gate to the junkyard. This gate is the only point that welcomes admittance, and even then, it is forboding. Signs like KEEP OUT, NO TRESSPASSING, CLOSED, and BEWARE OF DOG decorate the metal barred gate that serves as the only portal through the concrete walls that surround the place into the junk piles beyond. Within there are strange objects, discarded by many, from dubious high technology discarded by companies not wishing to register their trash with the proper channels, to toilets and beyond. A path winds through the drunk with occasional clearings, though the main path seems to end in a dead end.

Local name Description Nav Command
Front Yard An enclave between the junk. The clearing is full to the brim with strange mechanical monstrosities big and small, a small army of various utilitarian pourposes. It looks like an industrial Edward scissorhands front lawn. (will mredesc this later) fy
Calie's Shack XXX fy,sh
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