Four Freedoms Plaza

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Welcome to the lobby of 4 Freedoms Plaza, home of the incredible Fantastic Four!!! The lobby appears to be like most other places with a receptionist sitting behind a desk, waiting to inform the group of any new arrivals or guests. An observant person might notice the abundance of security cameras here and perhaps many hidden sensors. Also a perceptive person might note that though the secretary at the desk might seem cordial enough, she's only a machine with a wheelchair like lower body, behind the desk, apparently one of Reed's inventions.

Locations within

Local name Description Nav Command
Elevator This elevator is simple with it's steel grey walls and digital display, but you don't seem to feel the usual jerking or movements of a normal elevator. el
Third Floor Welcome to the living quarters and living room of the Fantastic Four. A thin, light blue carpet sprawls along the floor and larger windows look out at the city beyond. Most of the furnisings are a bit on the modern side, but very comfortable. A very large flat screen tv dominates one wall, while a door opens into a hall leading to the bedrooms. In the opposite direction a door leads down a hall to Reed's personal lab, a place of great wonder were incredible inventions are whipped up by one of the greatest mind on the planet. el, 3
Ben's Room XXX el, 3,b
Johnny's Room Abestos Abestos Abestos! This room is covered in it. Rather sad considering that someone SLEEPS here but the risk of the building burning down from someone having a hot dream seems more than enough justification than to worry about /long/ term effects. The majority of the room is clear of extra stuff, apparently leaving room for a practice area of sorts. As for the non empty parts, there is a bed, a bookshelf, a TV, and a desk. Instead of books, the shelves are housing lots of model cars. On the desk is a model that is halfway done. el, 3,j
Susan's Room Susan's room is light, airy and functional but not without the home comforts that make it a pleasant place to unwind. A sandy colored carpet is complemented by even lighter still, practically white, walls and curtains; the hardwood is contrastingly dark, everything from the rings binding the aforementioned curtains to the rail to her chest of drawers made of mahogany. The bed's white sheets are made, the floor is clear and only a book or two lie out of place- abandoned to answer some sort of summon, more often than not sleep. el, 3,s
Reed's Room XXX el, 3,r
Fourth Floor This is the tops floor of the Fantastic Fours building, where they keep their vehicles and a few of Reeds larger inventions. The area has a roof that opens to allow easy egress into the air for the Pogo-Plane and the Fantasticar. There is also plenty of equipment for repairs for any craft that Mr. Fantastic can come up with. el, 4
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