Fate S Bond
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There is no bell to this shop's door, which makes little
noise upon an exit or entry. The musical sound of various wind
chimes drips into the atmosphere, their glittering materials
dancing with the light that filters in through the large store
display window. The walls have been freshly painted a pale rosy
hue, and mahogany berber carpets the floor. Simple, but
traditional, Fate's Bond lacks the usual fanfare of a modern
fortune teller's boutique. There are no advertisement for
readings, no flashy signs of a gypsy who can reveal your future.
For all the world, this place seems more like a store of
fanciful trinkets. That is, except for the fact that some of the
most mundane looking objects are kept in glass cases. From books
with no titles, to crystal balls, candles, mirrors, and
intriguing jewelry. Some items are price marked, others are not.
The glass display counter shows off figurines and different
decks of tarot cards. To the back, a silky curtain of bright red and gold glimmers
behind strings of crystal beads. It conceals both a stairwell
and another room. Dimly lit, with a round table set between two
chairs, this small room contains little else but a candelabra in
its corner.

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